Top 50 Gluten-Free Blogs

Throw a stone and you’ll probably hit someone who is following (or has tried) a gluten-free diet. For a long time, gluten-free food was the domain of gluten-free blogs – and gluten-free food bloggers were writing about the topic long before cookbooks started to hit the shelves, items began to appear on menus, and companies jumped into the gluten-free market.

We love these top 50 gluten-free blogs for their passion for gluten-free eating and cooking, and their recipes are so fantastic you won’t miss the glutenous stuff in the least.

1. Elana’s Pantry


The Scoop: Blogger Elana Amsterdam is the author of three books, all GF-friendly — Gluten-Free Cupcakes, The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook and Paleo Cooking From Elana’s Pantry. Her recipes are targeted towards those with food allergies, and she offers simple dishes that are grain-free, gluten-free, nut-free and more.

Our Fave Recipe: Almond Pulp Crackers

2. Gluten-Free Vegan Girl

Lemon Coconut Cream Pie Recipe


The Scoop: The beautiful Gluten-Free Vegan Girl blog is run by Solveig Berg Vollan, a super talented 18 year old from Norway. Her recipes are — you guessed it — both gluten-free and vegan, and she doesn’t shy away from tackling big (delicious) projects, such as Devil’s Food Cake. 

Our Fave Recipe: No-Bake Vegan Lemon Coconut Cream Pie

3. YumUniverse


The Scoop: Yum Universe blogger Heather Crosby offers plant-inspired, gluten-free recipes — over 400 of them, in fact! In addition to her blog, Crosby as written The Yum Universe Cookbook, which will be released on October 28, 2014.

Our Fave Recipe: Miso Marinated Portobello Wrap

4. Sondi Bruner


The Scoop: Not only is Sondi Bruner a TA-extraordinaire in the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program, but she’s also a fantastic gluten-free blogger. Her blog is super allergen-friendly, offering recipes that are gluten-free, egg-free, grain-free, nut-free and more.

Our Fave Recipes: Collard Wrap Cucumber Sushi Rolls

5. Bravo for Paleo

Cookie dough recipe by Bravo for Paleo


The Scoop: Even if you’re not of the Paleo persuasion, you can appreciate the creativity and simplicity of blogger Monica’s recipes (as well as their gluten-free-ness, of course.)

Our Fave Recipe: Paleo Cookie Dough Bar

6. Gluten-Free Goddess


The Scoop: Gluten-free Goddess blogger Karina discovered she was gluten intolerant in late 2001 and has been cooking and baking gluten-free ever since.

Our Fave Recipe: Applesauce Crumb Cake with Cinnamon

7. Gluten-Free Girl


The Scoop: Blogger Shauna James Ahern is the author of two books — Gluten-Free Girl and Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef: A Love Story In 100 Tempting Recipes. All her recipes are gluten-free (and they all look amazing.)

Our Fave Recipe: Gluten-Free Pie Crust

8. Art of Gluten-Free Baking


The Scoop: Blogger Jeanne is a classical baker and cookbook author who specializes in gluten-free baking. A wonderful resource for special occasion baking, Jeanne’s primary goal is always deliciousness.

Our Fave Recipe: Gluten-Free Flour Tortillas

9. Gluten-Free For Good

Immune Booster Soup by Gluten-Free For Good


The Scoop: Delicious-looking recipes and they’re all gluten-free. Blogger Melissa McLean Jory’s first book, The Gluten-Free Edge: A Nutrition and Training Guide for Peak Athletic Performance and an Active Gluten-Free Life, was released in July of 2012.

Our Fave Recipe: Gluten-Free Immune Booster Soup

10. Poor and Gluten-Free


The Scoop: Wondering how to go gluten-free on a budget? Blogger Danielle has got you covered.

Our Fave Recipe: Gluten-Free Flax Meal Sandwich Bread

11. Kitchen Operas


The Scoop: Kitchen Operas blogger Lindsay Isaac wears many hats — not only is she an opera singer (really!) but she’s also a gluten-free baker extraordinaire and a faculty member at the Academy of Culinary Nutrition. Her recipes are gluten-free and vegetarian.

Our Fave Recipe: Gluten-Free Lavender Lemon Pistachio Cake

12. Gluten-Free Doctor


The Scoop: Surprisingly enough, our favourite recipe from Dr. Jean Layton’s blog isn’t one of her desserts. It’s her “pixie dust” recipe, a replacement for GMO-ridden gums (all too common in gluten-free baking) using the magic of flaxseeds, chia seeds and psyllium. Try it out!

Our Fave Recipe: Pixie Dust

13. Baking Backwards

baking backwards brownies


The Scoop: Blogger Danielle Dewar is a food writer and former pastry chef. Her blog is all about rediscovering dessert as she seeks balance and a healthy lifestyle. “Going gluten free has saved my life,” she writes. “I have no regrets, only serious baking ambition.”

Our Fave Recipe: Plant Fuel: Brownies

14. Whole New Mom


The Scoop: An awesome resource for those following special diets, recipes on Whole New Mom are sugar-free and adaptable to dairy-free, egg-free and gluten-free diets.

Our Fave Recipe: Gluten-Free Sourdough Starter

15. Gluten-Free Mom


The Scoop: Gluten-Free Mom features (you guessed it) gluten-free recipes, along with some dairy-free recipes as well. Lots of kid-friendly treats happening here!

Our Fave Recipe: Breakfast Granola Bar

16. Free People BLDG 25 Blog


The Scoop: You may be familiar with Free People for their fashion, music, and beauty content, but did you know they’re a great resource for gluten-free recipes, too?

Our Fave Recipe: Grain-Free Skillet Banana Bread

17. CAFE by Jackie Ourman

Jackie Ourman quesadillas


The Scoop: Jackie Ourman is a chef, freelance recipe developer, culinary instructor and food blogger. She loves creating recipes that help those with celiac disease live well!

Our Fave Recipe: Spinach, Arugula and Maitake Mushroom Quesadillas with Charred Tomatillo Salsa

18. Beard & Bonnet


The Scoop: When blogger Meg’s son was born with severe gluten intolerance, she began a journey towards a gluten-free lifestyle that would support his (and her entire family’s) health.

Our Fave Recipe: Roasted Fall Salad

19. Allyson Kramer


The Scoop: Blogger Allyson is a cookbook author, recipe developer and food photographer specializing in meals that are plant-based and gluten-free. All her recipes look delicious, but her desserts stand out the most!

Our Fave Recipe: Salted Chocolate Cashew Butter

20. Angela’s Kitchen


The Scoop: All of Angela’s recipes are gluten-free — yes, even the amazing donut holes.

Our Fave Recipe: Lemon Berry Donut Holes

21. Paleo Crumbs

French Apple Tarte by Paleo Crumbs


The Scoop: We can’t get enough of this beautiful food blog, written by the 16-year-old(!) daughter of Culinary Nutrition Expert Theresa Diulus. All the recipes are paleo, which means — yay! — they’re also gluten-free.

Our Fave Recipe: French Apple Tarte

Training for life22. Allergy Sensitive Kitchen


The Scoop: Got sensitivities beyond gluten? This blog specializes in gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free and nut-free recipes. (Say that five times fast.)

Our Fave Recipe: Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free and Vegan Pumpkin Pie

23. All Day I Dream About Food


The Scoop: When hit with gestational diabetes during her third pregnancy, blogger Carolyn refused to give up her love of baking. Instead, she started developing low-sugar, gluten-free recipes and All Day I Dream About Food was born.

Our Fave Recipe: Apple Cinnamon Waffles

24. Life Gluten-Free


The Scoop: This celiac blogger shares awesome simple gluten-free recipes, and only uses organic and non-GMO ingredients.

Our Fave Recipe: Chocolate Coconut Truffles

25. Tartelette

Fresh tomato tart by Tartelette


The Scoop: Blogger Helene is the senior photographer at Oxmoor House and her gluten-free recipes are both gorgeous and delicious.

Our Fave Recipe: Fresh Tomato Tart

26. Delicious Obsessions


The Scoop: Blogger Jessica’s recipes are  gluten-, dairy-, grain-, legume- and sugar-free, reflecting her personal food philosophy: Eat real food.

Our Fave Recipe: Fluffy Crustless Quiche

27. Chef Janet K


The Scoop: Chef Janet offers gluten-free cooking lessons, along with loads of awesome recipes on her blog.

Our Fave Recipe: Orange-Scented Quinoa with Cherries

28. Daily Forage Gluten-Free


The Scoop: Got issues with dairy as well as with gluten? This blog offers plenty of recipes for both dietary restrictions.

Our Fave Recipe: Blueberry Pumpkin Protein Smoothie

29. Golubka Kitchen

Pizza Buckwheat Crust by Goulubka Kitchen


The Scoop: Blogger Anya Kassoff believes the healthiest meals are the best tasting meals, and we couldn’t agree more!

Our Fave Recipe: Roasted Eggplant and Pepper Pizza on a Buckwheat Crust

30. Ricki Heller


The Scoop: What’s that — a cookie you can eat while on a candida cleanse? Ricki Heller tackles that challenge and more on her plant-based, gluten-free, sugar-free blog.

Our Fave Recipe: The Ultimate Candida Diet Chocolate Chip Cookie

31. Against All Grain


The Scoop: Danielle Walker is author of the New York Times Best Selling cookbook Against All Grain and her grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free recipes don’t compromise on taste.

Our Fave Recipe: Grain-Free Saffron “Rice”

32. Cannelle Et Vanille


The Scoop: This blog features beautiful photos, mouth-watering recipes and best of all, it’s entirely gluten-free.

Our Fave Recipe: A Healthful Winter Salad

33. Simply Sugar- and Gluten-Free


The Scoop: Practical gluten-free recipes on a budget.

Our Fave Recipe: Quinoa and Adzuki Bean Veggie Burgers

34. My New Roots

Pancakes by My New Roots


The Scoop: Blogger Sarah B. uses My New Roots to share her plant-based, whole foods love and edible inspirations. Fantastic recipes abound!

Our Fave Recipe: Gluten-Free Banana Bread Pancakes

35. Alkaline Sisters


The Scoop: The focus of this blog is on the alkaline lifestyle, but it also features some scrumptious-looking gluten-free recipes like Lavender Almond Milk and Minted Pea & Fava Bean Salad.

Our Fave Recipe: Sweet Pea and Green Onion Pesto-Smothered Zucchini Noodles

36. Jaclyn Desforges


The Scoop: Culinary Nutrition Expert Program TA shares delicious recipes on her blog which are both gluten- and nut-free.

Our Fave Recipe: Sunflower Herb Bread

37. Celia Eddy


The Scoop: Simple raw vegan recipes, including some delicious looking gluten-free creations.

Our Fave Recipe: Raw Apple Pie

38. Dolly and Oatmeal

Oat pancakes by Dolly and Oatmeal


The Scoop: Can we talk about these pancakes? Blogger Lindsey describes them as “revelatory,” and they’re just the beginning on this gluten-free, dairy-free blog.

Our Fave Recipe: Revelatory Oat Pancakes with Pomegranate Yogurt

39. Earth Sprout


The Scoop: This beautiful blog is all about plant-based, whole food deliciousness. We love the look of all Elenore’s recipes, especially her ultra-creative salads!

Our Fave Recipe: Pretty In Pink Veggie Buckwheat Bowl

40. Green Kitchen Stories


The Scoop: Healthy vegetarian recipes that are also gluten-free. What could be better?

Our Fave Recipe: Gluten-Free Nut Crackers

41. Cafe Johnsonia


The Scoop: After a 30-day gluten-free challenge in 2010, blogger Lindsey realized just how much it had been affecting her health and she hasn’t looked back since. Her recipes are real-food focused with beautiful photography to match.

Our Fave Recipe: Acai Bowl with Kale and Berries

42. Princess Tofu

Gluten-Free Corn Cakes by Princess Tofu


The Scoop: While this blog is primarily vegetarian in focus, it features some beautiful gluten-free dishes as well!

Our Fave Recipe: Gluten-Free Corn Cakes with Smoked Tomato Pesto

43. Fork and Beans


The Scoop: Recipes on Fork and Beans are egg-free, dairy-free and gluten-free (but full of tastiness.) Blogger Cara specializes in kid-friendly snacks like Halloween Oreos, but her raw veggie meals look equally scrumptious.

Our Fave Recipe: Raw Taco Wraps

44. Love and Lemons


The Scoop: Blogger Jeanine isn’t a fan of labels (we love that!) but instead wants to inspire readers to get creative with veggies in the kitchen, no matter what diet they may follow. Her gluten-free section features 245 amazing recipes to choose from.

Our Fave Recipe: Butternut Squash Noodle Pasta

45. One Part Plant


The Scoop: Blogger Jessica describes One Part Plant as “your very own inspiration station for clean eating and a happy head.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

Our Fave Recipe: Coconut Quinoa and Beans

46. The First Mess

Spring Onion Falafel with Millet by The First Mess


The Scoop: This beautifully photographed blog features a variety of gluten-free and vegan recipes.

Our Fave Recipe: Spring Onion Falafel

47. The Rose Journals


The Scoop: The Rose Journals is what happens when a health-conscious, food-loving writer and a health-conscious, food-loving photographer combine their powers into something new and magical. Gluten-free meals abound, along with skin care and lifestyle recipes.

Our Fave Recipe: Olive Bread

48. The Year In Food


The Scoop: The Year In Food focuses on creative, fresh and seasonal cooking — including plenty of gluten-free awesomeness.

Our Fave Recipe: Rhubarb Strawberry Chia Pudding

49. La Tartine Gourmande


The Scoop: Food writer, stylist and photographer Beatrice was raised in the countryside of northeastern France, and those influences show through in her beautiful classical dishes, including her vast selection of gluten-free recipes.

Our Fave Recipe: Roasted Root Vegetables

50. Vegan Culinary Crusade

Scuffins by Vegan Culinary Crusade


The Scoop: This vegan food blog features an entire subsection of gluten-free recipes, including our favourite recipe ever, Raw Carrot Scuffins. (Seriously — don’t scuffins sound delicious?)

Our Fave Recipe: Raw Carrot Scuffins

Honourable Mention: Meghan Telpner


The Scoop: We love Academy Director Meghan Telpner’s blog, and it’s not just because we’re biased! Meghan has a ton of amazing gluten-free recipes available for free on her website.

Our Fave Recipe: Meghan’s gluten-free vegan pie crust recipe is perfect for all seasons.

Did we miss one of your faves? Share your awesome gluten-free blogs below!