15 Awesome Cooking Class Instructors

Cooking classes, whether in person or online, are a fantastic way to share cooking skills and nutrition knowledge in a hands-on, engaging way. Teaching the teachers is one of our priorities in the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program. We show our students how to create a cooking class or workshop from start to finish, and our program culminates in them teaching their very own class to friends and family.

These are some of our incredible grads who are teaching culinary nutrition-focused classes as cooking class instructors!


Stephanie Fazio (*Certified Instructor)


cooking class instructors

Photo: Kaitlynn Furse

Location: Toronto, Ontario

About Her Classes: Feeling overwhelmed by meal prep and menu planning? Stephanie’s variety of virtual cooking classes focus on family-friendly recipes that are easy, intuitive and make the most of fresh ingredients. Be sure to check out her upcoming Simple Supper Series (breakfast for dinner anyone?) for loads of inspiration!

Learn More: www.lealoucooks.com

Rebecca Chin (*Certified Instructor)

Cooking class instructor Rebecca Chin

Location: Selangor, Malaysia

About Her Classes: Rebecca lives and breathes healthy cooking (sometimes we think she lives in her kitchen!). She is constantly out in the world delivering healthy cooking classes, teaching workshop demos and inspiring people to eat well using local ingredients. She shares recipes from a variety of cuisines, including Malaysian, Chinese and Japanese dishes, and she’s also one of our Certified Instructors. 

Learn More: www.facebook.com/myculinarynutrition

Laura Lamicela

cooking class instructors

Location: Denver, Pennsylvania

About Her Classes: Laura offers two-hour, in-person cooking classes in the comfy environment of her own home. Learn about the basics of gluten-free baking and best options for autoimmune nutrition, plus she’s in the process of adding new classes.

Learn More: www.dashoflaura.company

Lacy Johnson (*Certified Instructor)

ACN Cooking Classes

Location: Riverdale, Utah

About Her Classes: Lacy is currently teaching a boatload of virtual classes, primarily the done-for-you cooking classes as part of our Certified Instructor program. Be sure to check out her class schedule for lots of options, including cooking for digestion, anti-inflammatory eating, and more. 

Learn More: www.lacymae.com

Yvette duMouchel

Yvette DuMouchel - Personal Chef and Culinary Nutrition Expert Graduate

Photo: Vairdy Frail

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

About Her Classes: Longing for a cooking class that will come to you? Yvette is a cooking class instructor that brings cooking classes to your home (or work), and has options for both kids and adults, too. Learn about fermentation (one of Yvette’s specialities!), spices, healthy desserts and snacks, making stocks and broths, or she can create a custom class based on your needs. 

Learn More: www.foodonthetable.ca

Become An Instructor

Our graduates also have the opportunity to become part of our team of Certified Instructors. Our instructors have access to our teaching portal, which has 8 done-for-you classes (both in-person and online options), promotional materials, speaking notes, recipes, training videos and more. With our teaching packages, you have everything prepped and ready so you can start teaching right away!

Geeta Sakhuja (*Certified Instructor)

Geeta Sakhuja

Location: Toronto, Ontario

About Her Classes: Geeta has been working with healing spices and practicing Indian cooking techniques in her home kitchen in Toronto over the last 10 years – and you can learn her expertise from anywhere in the world. Geeta’s virtual Indian cooking classes help you discover the power of healing spices and share healthy and easy Indian recipes free from common allergens such as gluten and dairy. Her offerings have become incredibly popular among Culinary Nutrition Expert grads and ACN staff!

Learn More: www.instagram.com/geeta.sakhuja

Cindy Santa Ana

Cindy Santa Ana Cooking Instructor

Location: Northern Virginia

About Her Classes: Cindy teaches in-person and virtual cooking classes and has an ever-rotating schedule of topics. All of her classes are gluten-free, dairy-free and vegetarian and some upcoming themes include meal prep and awesome side dishes.

Learn More: www.unlockbetterhealth.com

Diane Couse

best cooking class instructors

Location: Peterborough, Ontario

About Her Classes: Diane offers in-person and virtual cooking classes that are inclusive for those with food allergies and food sensitivities. Through Diane, you can discover how to make vegan cheese, gluten-free sourdough, pickles, gluten-free baked goods and immune-supportive foods. 

Learn More: www.foodsensitivitycoach.ca

Richard Blackwood

Best cooking classes instructors

Location: Toronto, Ontario

About His Classes: Richard is a community instigator, cooking-from-scratch enthusiast, and avid plant parent who advocates for food security within marginalized communities. He works as a community outreach and diversity coordinator for Impact Kitchen, and through this position he has taught parents and kids how to make easy meals and hosted a brunch program to create healthful breakfasts.

Learn More: www.instagram.com/rtblackwood

Ivette Lakatos

Ivette Lakatos - Building Community

Location: Mexico City, Mexico

About Her Classes: Ivette delivers practical cooking skills to both parents and kids. Her cooking classes for kids aim to teach them that cooking is an adventure, and a full sensory experience that involves smell, touch, sight, taste and texture. In her programs for parents, Ivette teaches them how to cook nutritious food without stress, how to set a positive example for their kids and to view cooking as self-care, too.

Learn More: www.iloveat.mx

Melissa Torio (*Certified Instructor)

ACN cooking class instructors

Location: Mississauga, Ontario

About Her Classes: Melissa is our go-to expert on fermentation, particularly how to make kombucha. She teaches kombucha workshops both in-person and online, plus she’s recently begun teaching our virtual cooking classes as one of our Certified Instructors. 

Learn More: www.melissatorio.com

Alison Burke

CNE cooking classes

Location: Toronto, Ontario

About Her Classes: Alison specializes in online cooking classes for kids, teaching them how to make easy and fun recipes. She teaches kids of all ages, offers specialized workshops for sports teams, birthdays or families, and provides virtual ‘field trips’ for students that incorporate school curriculum concepts into her cooking classes.

Learn More: www.nourishtoyou.ca

Cindy Spratt

Cooking class instructors

Location: Ymir, British Columbia

About Her Classes: Cindy’s work revolves around helping kids and adults develop a life-long positive relationship with food. Her online cooking classes and cooking camps for kids teach them how to make recipes from start to finish and discuss positive food habits, while her adult-focused classes teach skills like meal prep and batch cooking.

Learn More: www.cindyspratt.com

Monique Costello

Monique Costello Cooking Instructor

Location: Chicago, Illinois

About Her Classes: In-person offerings include a variety of cooking demos and rooftop dinners, while you can catch free cooking classes regularly in her open Facebook group, Happy Eats Healthy With Monique.

Learn More: www.happyeatshealthy.com

Shannon Mayernik

Mayernik Kitchen

Location: Pompton Plains, New Jersey

About Her Classes: Shannon runs a herbal apothecary and brick-and-mortar retail space, selling a range of products made from the plants she and her husband grow on their herb farm. Shannon teaches herb-focused classes, such as how to make fire cider, homemade herbal jams, infused vinegars and tinctures. 

Learn More: mayernikkitchen.com 

Registration is closing on September 14th for the 2021 Culinary Nutrition Expert ProgramLearn more about how you can join us, explore new career opportunities, hone your cooking and recipe development skills, support your personal health – and begin teaching cooking classes in your community!

*Certified Instructors are those who graduated from the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program and chose to continue the mission of the school as Academy of Culinary Nutrition Certified Instructors. Learn more about how you can join the ranks here!

Awesome Cooking Class Instructors

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