28 Awesome Culinary Nutrition Health Coaches

There is a wealth of information available about food, health, nutrition, diet and recipes – and if you’re dealing with a health challenge or want to learn how to optimize nutrition for your unique needs, consulting with a practitioner who can coach and guide you is absolutely invaluable. Many of our Culinary Nutrition Experts are culinary nutrition health coaches working with clients, either one-to-one or in group settings, to help them meet their health goals. 

Some of our students come from other nutrition schools, finding themselves filled to the brim with nutrition information but not knowing how to effectively share that wisdom with clients. If you already have an educational background in health, the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program is an awesome way to round out your knowledge and develop hands-on skills.

If you don’t have any previous health experience, that’s OK too! Many of our grads switched gears to make a career change into culinary nutrition.

These are some of our incredible grads who are currently working as culinary nutrition health coaches. 

28 awesome culinary nutrition coaches

Disha Kagdada

Disha Kagdada health coach

Location: Singapore

Culinary Nutrition Focus: Disha works with clients virtually around the world, focusing on helping women balance their hormone levels. She offers 1 to 1 options as well as group coaching – and be sure to check our her Instagram for delicious recipe ideas! 

Learn More: www.dishakagdada.com

Jennifer Chandler

Jennifer Chandler health coach

Location: Fallmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

Culinary Nutrition Focus: Jennifer is a registered holistic nutritionist, Culinary Nutrition Expert, registered herbalist and certified personal trainer. She uses her wealth of skills and knowledge to help clients of all ages find their strengths through nutrition and wellness. She specializes in gut health, hormones and eating disorders (plus she offers meal prep services and fitness programs that match the healthful meal plans she creates). 

Learn More: www.facebook.com/hemlockhealth4444

Karishma Jasra

Karishma Jasra health coach

Location: Mumbai, India

Culinary Nutrition Focus: Karishma works with clients in person and online, and helps them improve gut health and manage insomnia. She also has a beautiful line of holistic and organic beauty care products. 

Learn More: www.instagram.com/rootingback

Kirsten Olsen

Kirsten Olsen health coach

Location: Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Culinary Nutrition Focus: Seeing clients both in person and online, Kirsten helps people optimize their health through culinary nutrition coaching, menu plans and daily habits, and teaches them how to apply recommendations from health practitioners in a simple, everyday manner. 

Learn More: www.greenthumbhealthandnutrition.ca

Diane Couse

Diane Couse health coach

Location: Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

Culinary Nutrition Focus: Diane works with clients who have food sensitivities throughout Canada and the United States. She helps people with gut problems and other health issues identify if they have food sensitivities, and then creates a road map they can follow to achieve better health. Diane offers food sensitivity testing, custom recipes and meal plans, kitchen cleanouts, and more!

Learn More: www.foodsensitivitycoach.ca

Cindy Santa Ana

Cindy Santa Ana health coach

Location: Reston, Virginia, United States

Culinary Nutrition Focus: Cindy operates a full-time virtual health practice, specializing in hormone balance and thyroid health. She works with clients to help them determine and understand the dietary choices that work best for their needs. 

Learn More: www.unlockbetterhealth.com

Peg McPhedran

Peg McPhedran health coach

Location: Collingwood, Ontario, Canada

Culinary Nutrition Focus: Using her background as a Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Yoga Therapist, Peg helps clients adopt healthy habits and runs group programs, such as her popular Sugar-Free Kitchen. Her latest offering, Love Your Brain, helps women discover foods and recipes that help protect the brain. 

Learn More: www.pegmcphedran.com

Puja Agrawal

Puja Agrawal health coach

Location: Plano, Texas, United States

Culinary Nutrition Focus: Knowing what to eat is one thing – actually making it from scratch is a whole other skill. Puja works one-to-one with clients to help them meal plan, meal prep and create nutritious meal and snack options at home so there’s always something on hand to grab from the fridge or pantry when hunger strikes. 

Learn More: www.pujaagrawal.com

Shelley Harvey

Shelly Harvey health coach

Location: United Kingdom

Culinary Nutrition Focus: Shelley runs her business, Youtrition, online (she actually operates out of a converted van, where she completed the entire Culinary Nutrition Expert program, cooking assignments and all). She specializes in helping women lift anxiety and low mood, and rebalance their energy through nutrition and holistic lifestyle practices, and has both one-to-one and group nutrition coaching options. 

Learn More: www.instagram.com/you.trition

Julianne McKay

Julianne McKay health coach

Location: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Culinary Nutrition Focus: Julianne helps women take back control of their hormonal chaos through cooking workshops, meal planning and one-to-one consultations to relieve their PMS, PMSD, endometriosis and PCOS symptoms.

Learn More: www.nutritionwithjulianne.com

Miriam Love


miriam love health coach

Location: Negev Desert, Israel

Culinary Nutrition Focus: Miriam works with women around the world, focusing on hormonal nutrition and helping them balance their hormones and improve fertility. (Side note: She also has a great podcast!)

Learn More: www.lovefood.co.il/en

Jenny Bradley

Jenny Bradley health coach

Location: Kansas, United States

Culinary Nutrition Focus: Jenny offers one-to-one coaching services for cancer patients to guide them through the overwhelm, and help them to become their own advocates in the oncology world. For friends or family of cancer patients, she offers a detailed guide for friends of patients, along with message templates you can customize and send to loved ones when you’re not sure what to do or say.

Learn More: www.jennybradley.net

Shelley Loving

Shelley Loving health coach

Location: Van Allstyne, Texas, United States

Culinary Nutrition Focus: In addition to her culinary nutrition expertise, Shelley is also an integrative nutrition health coach. She delivers virtual events to corporations all over the world, incorporating nutrition information and recipes that help people establish healthier habits. 

Learn More: www.shelleycanhelp.com

Esther Ban

health coach Esther ban

Location: New York, United States

Culinary Nutrition Focus: As a health coach, Esther helps women navigate stress, build energy and resilience, and avoid burnout, and shows them how to support their health in a sustainable and realistic way. Her signature program, Balanced + Well, covers nutrition, mindset, and practical action so her clients can make healthy shifts.

Learn More: www.estherkban.com

Arwa AlTurkait

Arwa AlTurkait health coach

Location: Kuwait

Culinary Nutrition Focus: Arwa predominantly works with women – many of whom are mothers – helping them break free from the diet mindset, discover delicious food and work toward their health goals through individual and group coaching programs.

Learn More: www.anaarwa.com/health-coaching

Michael Hunsinger

Michael Hunsinger health coach

Location: Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand

Culinary Nutrition Focus: Michael is half of a dynamic duo – he teamed up with his wife, a functional medicine doctor, to offer his culinary nutrition skills to clients in New Zealand, Australia and all over the world. Their culinary nutrition health coaching includes personalized lifestyle medicine for preventing cognitive decline, as well as breaking down mental health stigmas to provide shame-free brain health services. 

Learn More: www.doctoronamission.com

Melinda Gore

Melinda Gore health coach

Location: South Carolina, United States

Culinary Nutrition Focus: Melinda is a health coach and published author who helps black female entrepreneurs, offering them tools and information so they can prioritize self-care and tend to their health. 

Learn More: www.melindagore.com

Mandy Patterson

Mandy Patterson health coach

Location: Indiana, United States

Culinary Nutrition Focus: Mandy is a naturopathic doctor, functional medicine practitioner, and wellness coach who helps women optimize their fertility and their family’s health through whole food, plants, and lifestyle medicine.

Learn More: www.mandypatterson.com

Caitlin Iles

Caitlin Iles health coach

Location: Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

Culinary Nutrition Focus: Caitlin offers an array of coaching packages, both for individuals and small groups, that address healing the gut and hormone balance. She helps people alleviate some of the stresses of daily eating and cooking, and figure out an approach that works for their individual needs. 

Learn More: www.caitliniles.ca

Kathryn White

Kathryn White health coach

Location: St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada

Culinary Nutrition Focus: Kathryn is a Cancer Support Coach. She works with people living with or healing from a cancer diagnosis, and uses nutrition support as a key part of her health coaching throughout all stages of cancer including prevention, pre and post surgical, pre and post treatment, and recurrence prevention.

Learn More: www.kathrynwhite.coach

Monique Costello

Monique Costello

Location: Chicago, Illonois, United States

Culinary Nutrition Focus: As a functional medicine coach, Monique works with clients in the Chicago area and online to address their health challenges through a food-focused approach (she’s also a chef so she has great recipes!). 

Learn More: www.happyeatshealthy.com


Laurent Causse

Laurent Causse

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Culinary Nutrition Focus: Laurent’s one-to-one and group coaching programs help clients work on digestion and elimination, hormone balance and metabolic balance. He provides support in both English and French.

Learn More: www.nutrition-consciente.com

Sujata Kale-Banerjea

Sujata Kale-Banerjea

Location: Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Culinary Nutrition Focus: Sujata creates customized programs for people to help them learn how to use whole foods and cook to optimize their health, and incorporates therapeutic supplementation when necessary. Her main goals are to make health changes practical, easy, attainable and delicious.

Learn More: www.sujatanutrition.com

Jessica Pecush

Jessica Pecush

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Culinary Nutrition Focus: Jessica helps professional women suffering from the pain and discomfort of bowel issues (including imbalances stemming from autoimmune gut issues) on how to repair their gut, regain their energy and reclaim their personal and professional lives. 

Learn More: www.jessicapecush.com

Renata Richardson

Renata Richardson

Location: Thornhill, Ontario, Canada

Culinary Nutrition Focus: Renata ignites others to look after themselves and replenish their bodies with a variety of whole foods in a fun, interactive and insightful way. She offers one-to-one coaching where she develops custom meal plans and recipes, and she’s currently teaching monthly workshops for seniors about brain health, eye health and cognitive health.

Learn More: www.renatacollective.com

Lexi Ray

Lexi Ray

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States

Culinary Nutrition Focus: Lexi is currently coaching clients virtually, using the power of food to help those with autoimmune diseases improve their health.

Learn More: www.blessednutritionbylexi.com

Rachael Lancaster

Rachel Lancaster

Location: Portland, Oregon, United States

Culinary Nutrition Focus: Rachael works with clients in person and virtually to help them calm their anxiety through high-vibration nutrition.

Learn More: www.rachaellancasterwellness.com

Cindy Spratt

Cindy Spratt

Location: Ymir, British Columbia, Canada

Culinary Nutrition Focus: Cindy specializes in eating psychology, mindful eating, eating disorder recovery, and digestive health. She works with both adults and children, helping them establish and develop positive relationships with food. 

Learn More: www.cindyspratt.com

Registration for the 2022 Culinary Nutrition Expert Program is opening soon on April 5, 2022. Learn more about how you can join us, explore new career opportunities, support your personal health, and begin to hone or develop health and nutrition coaching skills so you can help those in your community.

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