Welcome To The Academy of Culinary Nutrition!

The collective goal of the Academy and our Certified Experts is to create a positive global impact by teaching, sharing and living what we do best—creating, cooking, and eating the best food in the world, while giving back in the process.

Enjoy this interview series with our founder Meghan Telpner as she explains how the school came to be.

Part 1/6: What inspired you to create the Academy of Culinary Nutrition?

Part 2/6: What is your food philosophy?

Part 3/6: How our community impacts our program and school

Part 4/6: What do you love about the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program?

Part 5/6: What sets the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program apart?

Part 6/6: What is your hope for the graduates of the CNE Program?

All of our courses are created with YOU in mind. We want to help you develop your skills so you can best serve yourself, your family and your friends, as well as your clients, patients and students. Learn more about how our school came to be.

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