The Academy of Culinary Nutrition is an inclusive online education destination with the primary mission of leading the way in providing resources and training for health, nutrition and culinary enthusiasts to become leaders and teachers in their respective communities.

We offer loads of free resources, downloads, and live online trainings that are available to everyone, and those who want to take it a step further, we offer a growing range of courses along with our flagship Culinary Nutrition Expert Program.

We proudly celebrate a global community of over 2,500 Certified Culinary Nutrition Experts in 73 countries.

The collective goal of the Academy and our graduates is to create a positive global impact by teaching, sharing and living what we do best—creating, cooking, and inspiring health in the lives of those we reach while giving back in the process.

We strive to offer equitable, inclusive resources and change-making educational experience that meet our students and wider community where they are at.

All of our courses are created with you in mind.

We want to help you develop your skills so you can best serve yourself, your family and your friends, as well as your clients, patients and students.

Our Food Philosophy

Inclusivity is a mainstay in everything we do, and as such, we welcome students and community members, no matter their dietary preferences, core values or where they live in the world.

We educate based on the latest research combined with the wisdom of traditional diets from around the world, and invite all of our students to determine the food philosophy that best suits their needs.

Our programs are vegan and paleo friendly, gluten-free and dairy-free, and we work with ingredients in their whole and unprocessed form.

We don’t count calories but instead aim to create recipes and meals that are delicious, health supportive and nutrient dense.

There are 7 billion different diets best suited to the 7 billion people on the planet.

We educate our students from the point of view that no teacher or practitioner will ever know what someone needs better than the person themselves.

Our job is to share information, recipes, ideas and skills that invite our community and clients to determine what makes the most sense for themselves.

Our Company Core Values

Inclusivity is a mainstay in everything we do and teach. As such, we welcome staff, students, coaches and community members, no matter dietary preferences, gender, race, culture, sexual orientation, physical or mental abilities, or age. All are warmly welcomed and celebrated.

Provide an Exceptional Experience:
We strive to build positive relationships with all of our customers, clients, students, readers and subscribers through everything we deliver.

Innovate & Lead:
We create new, simple and more efficient solutions by applying creative and critical thinking. We seek to operate in an innovative way, keeping it simple for you to participate in what we offer. We strive to continuously elevate and lead through culinary nutrition. 

Take Responsibility:
Our strength and leadership come from working together as a single team in our individual areas of brilliance to support those that seek our guidance. We  give 120% on every endeavour and take full ownership of what we do here, while aiming to exceed expectations wherever possible.

We Value Health at All Levels:
We support and strive for health within ourselves and in our connection with each other. We are dedicated to nourishing relationships with our students, our community, our partners, and fellow team members. We are continually learning how we can better serve our community and our world through sustainable, health building practices.

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