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Meghan Telpner

The Academy of Culinary Nutrition, founded in 2014, by nutritionist and bestselling author Meghan Telpner, is an online cooking school offering a certification program in culinary nutrition. Our flagship Culinary Nutrition Expert Program has graduated over 2,500 experts in 73 countries.

The collective goal of the Academy and our Certified Experts is to teach the teachers. Whether this means becoming the leader in your own home kitchen, or getting out in your community or online as a leader in this field.

Our food-focussed curriculum makes our program, and this school unlike any others out there.

Here at the Academy, we cartwheel in your honour as we work to bring you a refreshing approach to online learning.

Interested in Becoming a Student or Instructor of the Academy of Culinary Nutrition?

Kitchen Roundup

Here are a few things you can do to get started in finding out more about what we do here:

  1. RSVP to our next Program Information Session
  2. Download and snuggle in with our Course Catalogue
  3. Check out the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program preview video and learn more
  4. Discover how you can become an Academy of Culinary Nutrition Certified Instructor
  5. Get the back story on how the Academy of Culinary Nutrition came to be
  6. Meet the staff and faculty who make all of this run smooth as silk
  7. Check out what our graduates are doing
  8. See what our beloved grads have to say about us

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What It Means To Graduate From The Academy of Culinary Nutrition

Meet 5 Awesome CNEs

There are many ways our school, and more so, our graduates stand out.

Yes, we offer the only food-focussed nutrition-based culinary program online. We also have a challenging curriculum that gets results.

One of the biggest ways we stand out is the ongoing work we do to support the success of our graduates. Once you are in the program, it’s just the start of how we support your goals.

We invite graduates of our program to continue to participate in the community in the following ways:

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