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Teaching Resources Portal

The “Done For You” Classes To Make It Easier To Share Your Skills

This is your time to build your own community & share your culinary nutrition skills.

You are needed.

Your knowledge is in high demand.

People are literally hungry to learn from you.

It is your time to get out in the world and share the skills you have acquired as a Culinary Nutrition Expert.

What if all of the work was done for you?

You now know what it takes. That’s why we created this 🥳

Having now completed the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program you know what it takes to learn about a condition, create and test recipes, develop the workshop outline, create all the materials and then take on the experience of sharing it with others.

You worked so hard in the program, we’re making this next step easy for you.

It is time to save yourself from:

  • hundreds of hours to research
  • creating recipes, testing them, and the creating them again
  • developing your logistics plan
  • making shopping lists, prep lists and of course checking those lists off
  • then comes the promotional piece and actually filling your classes.

Yes, it’s great fun and great learning but we wanted to create an on ramp to make it easier for you.


Because you should be out in the world sharing all you know (and continue to learn) about culinary nutrition.

You shouldn’t be drowning in all the paperwork.

It’s now your turn to become the teacher and we want to help.

The Teaching Resources Portal is a unique, information-packed resource portal that makes teaching cooking classes and workshops easy.

Registration is open to all Certified Culinary Nutrition Experts

(Payment plan available)

INTRODUCING The Teaching Resources Portal


The Teaching Resources Portal is your go-to hub for everything you need to start teaching classes in person and live online straight away as an Academy of Culinary Nutrition Certified Instructor.

In the portal you will find everything you need to teach nine carefully designed classes created exclusively for use by our instructors. Based on over a decade of experience, and thousands of planning and teaching hours, we have chosen class topics that have far reach, are in demand and suitable to teach by both recent graduates of our program and seasoned pros who have been out in the world teaching for years.

Cooking Class / Workshop Topics Included:

  • Inspired Anti-Inflammatory Eating
  • Allergen-Friendly Cooking
  • Best Healthy Breakfasts
  • Cooking for Great Digestion
  • Eating for Awesome Energy
  • Family Favourites
  • Meal Prep Made Easy
  • Smoothie and Elixir Magic
  • Fearless Fermentation

Registration closes Friday, January 27th at 4pm ET

(Payment plan available)

The Resources We Provide For Each Class

For each of the above cooking class themes, we provide the following detailed resources to support your success in sharing these classes and empowering those who seek your guidance to make health happen in their own lives.

For each of the classes outlined above, you receive:

1. Promotional Copy

You’ll receive a word document with promotional copy that you can add to emails, social media posts or blog posts to help you share and promote your classes

2. Promotional Flyer

A professionally designed promotional flyer using original photography that can be sent as an email or printed and shared in local businesses to help promote your classes.

3. Promotional Images

Food Images

You’ll have gorgeous professionally styled and shot images (one per class) in various sizes and formats to use across social media to help you support your efforts in getting the word out about your classes.

4. Original Recipes

A packet of original recipes specially created to support the class topic.

5. Logistics Plan for a Cooking Class*

This logistics plan is to help you get set and ready for success. It includes your prep schedule, equipment list, and time blocking for a hands-on cooking class.

6. Logistics Plan for a Workshop

Prefer a demonstration-style workshop? We also include a logistics plan for a workshop that includes a prep schedule, equipment list and time blocking chart for a demonstration-style class.

7. Teaching Manual and Talking Points

Consider this your cheat sheet. For each class, you receive a fully researched and referenced guide to sharing your nutritional knowledge while teaching. This guide includes all of the recipes, outlining specific key health tips and culinary tips for key ingredients in each recipe. There is also space provided to add your own notes.

8. Student Handout

Enable your students to follow along and leave them empowered with a handout that includes the key takeaways from the class guides, tips, strategies, all of the recipes made in class along with all of the references for the research.

9. Resources For Teaching Online

For each class outlined above, we also include materials that are specific for live online teaching use including guidelines for teaching online, your online teaching logistics plan and handout for your students.

9. Shopping List

Finally, we also include your class shopping list in an editable document so you can add and remove items as needed based on any specifications you need for your class.

*There is no logistics plan for a cooking class for the Smoothie and Elixir class. We’re hopeful people know how to blend stuff, so this class topic is best suited as a demo-style workshop where you can wow your crew with knowledge.

Teaching Resources Portal

You Want Videos, Too? We Have Videos!

In the Teaching Resources Portal you’ll find 30+ tutorial videos that answer some of the most common questions our graduates have when you get out in the world and start teaching. You’ll learn how to get your home ready for teaching, waivers and insurance, how to handle cancellations, food allergies, as well as how to fill your classes, how to set up your bench for confident teaching live or online and more.

The Video Modules Included:

Module 1: How To Use Class Resources

Similar to the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program’s portal orientation, this module walks you through the Teaching Resources Portal and what to expect.

Module 2: Getting Your Ducks In A Row

Topics covered include:

  • Teaching In Your Home
  • Teaching Out of Your Home
  • Insurance and Liability
  • Food Handling Safety (this is not a food handling safety class, but more on if you need one and where to find one)

Module 3:  Best Practices for Registration

Topics covered include:

  • Getting Set-Up For Registration
  • Preparing Your Guests In Advance Of The Class
  • Addressing Food Allergies
  • Cancellations/ Terms and Conditions

Module 4: Filling Your Classes

Topics covered include:

  • Using Your Mailing List To Fill Classes
  • Using Social Media To Fill Classes
  • Using Local Business To Fill Classes

Module 5: Pricing and Selling Stuff

Topics covered include:

  • Your Class Costs
  • Pricing and Packaging Classes
  • Selling Products and Upselling
  • Creating More Value For Guests
  • Turning Classes Into Full Day Events

Module 6: Making Your Class a Success

Topics covered include:

  • Hands-On versus Demonstration-Style
  • Class Preparation
  • Substitutions
  • Serving
  • All About Your Audience
  • Ice Breakers for Family Style Classes
  • Follow-Up with Participants
  • Getting Over Your Fear and Going With The Flow
  • Making Your Class A Success

Module 7: Best Practices For Teaching Cooking Classes and Workshops Live Online

Topics covered include:

  • How to prepare your audience for an online learning experience
  • Basic tech checks to do in advance of your class
  • Best tools to use to make it simple for you and your audience
  • How to prep your cooking bench or ‘set’ for online teaching
  • What to prep in advance, what to have ready for the class
  • How to teach to a camera
  • Tips of keeping your audience interacting and engaged

Registration is open to all Certified Culinary Nutrition Experts

(Payment plan available)

BecomE An Academy of Culinary Nutrition Certified Instructor

As a graduate of the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program, having successfully completed the program, you are now eligible to become an Academy of Culinary Nutrition Certified Instructor.

The Teaching Resources Portal and Certified Instructor license is exclusively available to certified graduates of the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program.

Steps to becoming an Academy of Culinary Nutrition Certified Instructor:

  1. Get certified as a Culinary Nutrition Expert  (minimum 10 week committment to complete)
  2. Complete for the Teaching Resources Portal registration
  3. Receive your Certified Instructor license and instructor apron and schedule your first class(es)!

Return On Your Investment

Our expectation is that you will be charging attendees for these classes, making your investment in the Teaching Resources Portal incredibly cost-efficient. Let’s do some math!

Time Needed To Create A Cooking Class

To create a class from start to finish including recipe creation and testing, promotional images, promotional copy,  your prep schedule, teaching plan, research, speaking notes and student handout.

  • Time needed per class to do on your own: 40+ hours per class
  • Time needed using the Teaching Portal Resources: 1 hour (mainly updating your shopping list)

>> Total time savings: 360 hours!

The time it takes to prepare classes is not billable time. It’s time that takes you away from teaching, working with clients, and limits your free time. The Teaching Resources Portal allows you to save time getting your classes ready, and more time for family, friends, and the other aspects of your life.

Earnings Per Class

Depending on where you live and what others in your area are charging, most classes and workshops can sell for $60 – $110 per person, per in-person class. For a live, online class, you could start at $35 per person, per online class.

Let’s break down your profitable possibilities.

>> Sample Earnings:

  • Two classes for six people at $75/person: You will earn $900. Teach 4 classes you’ll have earned back your investment in the portal, and cover your hard costs for your class. Basically, you could break even after teaching just four classes.
  • Teaching a 4-week cooking program: Choose four of the eight classes to sell as a 4-part cooking series. Let’s say you have room for eight people and package this up and sell it for $400 for the 4-week series. That works out to $3,200!
  • Teaching one class a month to ten people for eight months: Let’s say you are doing this as a side hustle and want to teach a different class on the first Saturday of the month from September through to May (taking December off!). If you have ten people register at $100/class for all eight Saturdays, you would earn $8,000 per year! Over 5 times your investment and a sweet little bonus income.

The Teaching Resources Portal is the investment in your business to potentially save you hundreds of hours of your time. And earn you thousands of dollars in your pocket.

You have already done the training. You’ve already put in your time. You should get out there and start sharing what you know.


Included In The Teaching Resources Portal

When you become a Certified Instructor, you’ll receive:

  • A One-Year License: That’s right! Consider yourself a licensed Certified Instructor! Your license will become active as soon as your registration is complete so you can get out there to show the world what an awesome instructor you are.
  • Done-For-You Cooking Classes: With your license, comes one year access the Teaching Resources Portal where you’ll find all the done-for-you class elements, including promotional copy and images, handouts for your guests, your shopping list, even talking points for you during your class! All you have to do is add your class to your calendar and invite your guests!
  • 30+ Video Modules to Help You Succeed: You absolutely can put on a successful cooking class, even if you have never done any other cooking classes outside of your final Culinary Nutrition Expert Program. With your Certified Instructor license, you’ll receive two year access to the Teaching Resources Portal where you will find over 30 professionally filmed videos to guide you in getting your classes off the ground. From food safety practises to how to price to the best setup for an online event, we have you covered to ensure your class runs as smoothly as homemade nut butter.

Not Included In The Teaching Resources Portal

Yes, the Teaching Resources Portal includes everything you need to get ready and set to teach your classes. But this isn’t for everyone and doesn’t guarantee your success. That comes from your efforts!

The Teaching Resources Portal Is:

  • Not For Business Training: This is about teaching cooking classes and making it easy for you to do it. This isn’t a business plan and we don’t talk business beyond what’s outlined above. The Biz Rocking Insider program is the business training component and would be the first step to starting a business.
  • Not For Pre-recorded or Recorded Video-based Teaching: These classes are designed for live, in-person or live online classes only. For what we think are obvious reasons, we do not permit recordings of these classes to be shared online in any capacity. If you would like to create classes to sell online as recordings, refer to Assignment 8 in the Culinary Nutrition Expert program for details on how to create your own classes from scratch.
  • Not Granting Permission to Modify and Make These Classes Unique: These classes are designed and created to be shared just as they are. The idea is that someone could attend the Smoothie and Elixir class by a Certified Academy of Culinary Nutrition Instructor in Toronto, New York and Dubai, and would learn the same materials and experience the same recipes.
  • Not Providing Registration Support: We do not take a cut on your classes. What you sell is all yours and as such, it is the responsibility of our Certified Instructors to manage all payments, refunds and anything else associated with enrolling students in your classes.
  • Not Providing Specific Guidance On How To Grow Your Audience: Once again, everything related to building and growing your business is covered in the Biz Rocking Insider Program.

Enroll TODAY

(Payment plan available)

What’s included

Payment Plan One Time Payment
Promotional copy and designed page for each of the 9 classes
Promotional images for use across social media for each of the 9 classes
Original recipes for each of the 9 classes
Logistics plan for demo style workshop for each of the 9 classes
Logistics plan for hands-on cooking class for each of the 9 classes
Fully referenced speaking/presentation notes for each of the 9 classes
Fully referenced student handout for each of the 9 classes
Editable shopping list for each of the 9 classes
Access to online teaching resources for all 9 classes
Teaching materials for all 9 courses set-up for live online teaching ?

Online teaching is permitted for paid, live online events.

30+ tutorial videos to support your teaching success
2-year license to teach these materials ?

License is two years guaranteed use as per our terms and conditions.  Beyond two years, we reserve the right to update, modify add or remove classes and/or require license renewal.

We do not request any other payment for our marketing efforts of your classes, or commission on registration fees for the classes you run. There is no limit in regards to the number of classes you can operate and this fee should be easily covered by offering a single class.
*The fee is subject to change without notice.

Certified Instructor emblem to use on your website, business cards etc.
$594/month $1,680 one time payment
Enroll Now

for 3 months

Enroll Now

(Save $102)

Teaching Resources Portal FAQ

Does the Academy of Culinary Nutrition take a cut of what I earn from these classes?

Absolutely not! When you purchase your two year-license to use these materials, consider it like a franchise fee. You get access to the materials, branding, title and all that jazz and the sky is the limit for how much you want to earn. All income you generate in your teaching business is all yours. This won’t stop us from cheerleading for your classes, and sharing them with the wider ACN community.

Can I register for this on its own, without being a Culinary Nutrition Expert or if I am an honorary student?
The Teaching Resources Portal is for Certified graduates of the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program only.

If I don’t register now, when else can I access this?
Registration remains open. Your one year license begins the day you register and can be renewed annually for $488.

Can I use these materials to teach classes online?
We have teaching materials created for all 9 classes specifically for use for live online teaching. As teaching in person and teaching online are very different for both the instructor and participants, we ask that you only use the live online class resources for your online classes.

Can I use these resources for teaching one-on-one consulting and private classes?
Absolutely! And this can be a very powerful format to help those who seek your guidance to transform their cooking.

Do you provide an equipment list?
The tools and equipment needed for each class are outlined in the Logistics Plans we provide.

When does my license take effect?
Your one year license will begin as soon as you register.

What does the “one year license” mean?
With registration as a Certified Instructor we grant access to the Teaching Resources Portal and include a one year license to use and teach the materials we provide. Following this initial year period (12 months), there is a an annual license renewal option.

What happens when my license expires?
With registration as a Certified Instructor after the initial one year-license period expires, your license can choose to renew for another 12 months for $488.

What happens if I want to teach the classes in my first language, or the first language where I live?
Though we thought long and hard about how we can get everything professionally translated and designed for you, at this time, it’s just not feasible. However, we don’t want to limit you from teaching.

We permit those of you who send in a written request to translate the Student Handout and Recipes as needed to execute your classes. Once we have received  your request, we will send you very specific copyright copy, in your preferred language, to include in all of your translated documents that will be passed around to students.

More questions? Email us at and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.