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Seasonal Sipping: Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

Caitlin Iles

Caitlin Iles

Nourished by Caitlin Iles

Saint John, NB, Canada

Program Coach + Culinary Nutrition Expert

My name is Cait Iles and I’m Certified Nutritional Practitioner and Culinary Nutrition Expert with a keen interest in keeping up to date on the latest and greatest in nutrition and wellness research. I’m so passionate about helping my clients feel happier, more energetic, and totally in love with their lives because I’ve been on the other side and know that there’s more to life than aches, pains, and fatigue. In my practice I assimilate the latest research with time-tested, evolution-based nutrition concepts to help my clients achieve the boundless energy, glowing skin, and healthy bodies that they’ve always thought were beyond their reach. My mission is to help my clients change their relationships with food, so they can create their healthiest bodies and their most fulfilling lives. I fully believe that true health starts with what we put in our bodies and that once we’ve figured out the foods that nourish our bodies from the inside out, we can achieve things beyond our wildest dreams!

Area of Expertise:

General Health + Wellbeing, Special Health Conditions, Weight management


One-One Coaching, Private Classes, Group Classes, Menu Development, Recipe Development, Nutrition/Health Writing

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