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Gillian Macgregor-Spurr

Online Running & Nutrition Coaching

GMacSpurr Coaching


Hey, I’m Gillian *waves*, I am a certified running coach and 2018 Culinary Nutrition Expert graduate. I moved to Canada, from Scotland, in 2014. At that time, I was really unfit and unhealthy, and had no idea how to truly be healthy with movement and nourishment.

In 2015, to kickstart me on my health journey, I set myself a goal of running a 5K race and, as they say, the rest is history! I stumbled my way through, having no idea how to actually train for a 5K nor how to actually eat healthy; I read books and articles, listened to podcasts, attended webinars and conferences and slowly was able to sift through the rubbish!

I came across the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program in 2018 and jumped at the chance to increase my nutrition knowledge. Not only did this program give me a deep understanding of nutrition, I gained so much confidence in the kitchen, and can now confidently create food that will fuel my body for optimal running performance and recovery. I love helping people run their best and feel good in the process.

Area of Expertise:

General Health + Wellbeing, Sports + Fitness, Weight management


One-One Coaching, Recipe Development, Nutrition/Health Writing