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Jaclyn Beaty

Jaclyn Beaty Nutrition

Program Coach + Culinary Nutrition Expert

Jaclyn has over 12 years of experience working in various health educator roles within the Corporate Wellness industry. With a degree in Nutritional Science from the University of Missouri, Jaclyn has continued her education to become a Certified Healthy Behaviors Coach, Certified Wellness Practitioner, Culinary Nutrition Expert, and Certified Functional Nutrition Coach. Through her years of experience, Jaclyn has worked with employee groups nationwide to help foster a corporate environment that promotes optimal well-being within the workplace. In addition to personal health coaching services and nicotine cessation coaching, Jaclyn has created course content, health challenges, health education material, and client communications, bringing practical and relevant programming to self-insured companies seeking to reduce their healthcare costs. After stepping back from daily job demands to care for her young children, Jaclyn has continued to offer life-changing health coaching, meal planning, cooking classes, and children’s nutrition packages through Her enthusiasm for health is contagious as she provides high-level education and support for individuals who want to improve their life through nutrition and the life-giving skill of knowing how to cook.

Outside of work, you can find Jaclyn attempting culinary magic in the kitchen, slalom skiing, exploring the great outdoors with her family, and challenging herself to not let anything from her backyard garden go to waste.

Area of Expertise:

General Health + Wellbeing, Pre/Post Natal Health, Weight management


One-One Coaching, Private Classes, Group Classes, Nutrition/Health Writing

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