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Juliette Lacroix

Helping You Embrace Wellness, One Step At A Time

Juliette Lacroix

Halifax, Nova Scotia

I am a lifelong foodie with early Culinary Nutritionist tendencies, dating back to my high school days when I would meal plan and prep weekly dinners for my family. This passion has evolved through the years, as my knowledge of health and nutrition has expanded. While I have always been conscious of health and wellness, the CNE program took my skills to a whole new level.

I love to get creative in the kitchen, and enjoy posting my recipes along with healthy lifestyle tips on my blog. I am an advocate of whole foods and cooking from scratch, something that I do on a daily basis with my three kids. I love helping them engage with the food they are eating through visits to local farms, participating in CSA programs and getting them involved with food prep in the kitchen. We are embarking on several hydroponic and aquaponic urban gardening projects, which will allow us to begin growing and harvesting food as well. I believe that helping kids gain an appreciation for, and an attachment to their food sources is vitally important. I am taking my health and wellness training on the road with my husband this summer, serving up local and organic food and beverages on our bike, solar and windmill powered Wheelys Cafe here in Victoria.

I am a huge advocate of bio-individuality and do not exclusively support any one specific dietary choice. Each individual is unique and I am committed to helping clients discover an approach to health and wellness that works best for them. I believe that small changes can produce big shifts over time, especially when you are making these changes with support and accountability.

Area of Expertise:

General Health + Wellbeing


One-One Coaching, Private Classes, Group Classes, Recipe Testing, Nutrition/Health Writing

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