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Lesley Black

Indulge in clean eating

lesley loves food consulting

Hi! I’m Lesley, a Culinary Nutrition Expert from Toronto, Canada. I’m all about creating delicious, healthful, whole food recipes that are accessible and not at all intimidating.
The word “indulge” usually has a negative connotation – if you are indulging in a dessert there is a sense that what you are eating is not good for you (most of the time it isn’t!) I want to change our perception of indulgence by creating clean, home-made, natural recipes using whole foods that allow people to feel the same satisfaction as they would when indulging in a processed, unhealthy, sugar-filled dessert (with none of the guilt.)
My goal is to make every part of every meal a delicious, healthful, nourishing indulgence! Get ready to indulge in clean eating!

Area of Expertise:

Special Health Conditions


One-One Coaching, Menu Development, Recipe Development, Recipe Testing, Nutrition/Health Writing

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