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Quinoa + Buckwheat Gluten-Free Bread

Lindsay Isaac

Opera Singer + Instructor


I’ve always enjoyed being in the kitchen, from my days of sitting on the countertop making muffins with my Mum as a toddler, to learning how to cook my own vegetarian meals as a teenager, to my current explorations with gluten-free deliciousness.

When my friend Ashley went gluten-free, I decided I was going to bake her tasty gluten-free bread from scratch without all the scary ingredients.  Two years, and a whole lot of flour later, I finally found success.  Those are the recipes I love to make in my own kitchen and am proud to share here at the Academy.

In my other life I’m an opera singer and voice teacher, currently obsessed with kale salads, cheese, and fermented foods.

Courses: Gluten-Free Baking (Part of the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program)

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