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10 Best Foods for Brain Health and Alzheimer’s Prevention

Alyssa Flegg

Eat Well. Live Well.

Minds Well Fed

Lover of food and the art of eating, Alyssa delights in bringing taste and health together in the form of a meal. Eating well brings health to your body and mind, while a healthy relationship with food can also nourish your soul. Her approach is less about the recipes and more about the process – what we can learn and how our lives can improve as a result. Food has always been a passion of hers, from crafting cinnamon rolls as a young girl to rolling sushi with her own daughters, food itself has often played a starring role in many a celebration and joyful moment. But what can food do for you? It’s more than just taste, it’s all five senses at work and it’s what literally creates us – food is the ingredient your cells require! Teaching others about how food can make a difference is what lights us up and gets us moving – discover this for yourself! Live to eat well, and enjoy life!

Area of Expertise:

General Health + Wellbeing, Special Health Conditions


One-One Coaching, Group Classes, Recipe Testing, Nutrition/Health Writing

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