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Michelle Waithe

Operations Director

Most of my adult life has been immersed in learning how to live the best life possible. Expanding my health and wellness at all levels is always at the top of my goals list. I love everything second hand, vintage, or homemade and I consider myself a suburban homesteader with a passion to bring back the traditions of self-sustainability.

At a very early age I was interested in learning about food and how to create in the kitchen, naturally my childhood tv time included spending time writing down recipes from cooking shows or writing into the show to get the recipe mailed out (back in the olden times when that was a thing). My entire educational career has been in the study of nutrition and health with college, bachelor’s, and master’s level degrees in holistic nutrition, nutrition science. and functional medicine. However, my career has taken me in many directions including the field of teaching and operations. My superpower is organizing systems and coordinating operations, making the Academy of Culinary Nutrition the perfect place to be able to work for a community that aligns with all my personal values and enables me to do what I do best.