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Nicola Solomonides

Good Gut Feelings


I’m Nicola, a Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert and Instructor, and the owner of Good Gut Feelings.

Being a long-time IBD patient, I’m passionate about helping others with digestive issues and chronic illness to eat for health and be active patients. I adopt a food-focused approach to health, simply because the food we choose to eat is so important, and is something everybody can work with. My aim is to help people play an active role in improving their health and to simplify the world of ‘healthy eating’ so that it can be incorporated into daily life for the long term.

My culinary nutrition focus is on helping those with IBD learn how to eat in a nutritious, health-promoting way, working with their personal food tolerances, and making the most of the food that supports their gut and overall health, and helps them feel their best!

Area of Expertise:

General Health + Wellbeing, Special Health Conditions


Group Classes, Recipe Development, Recipe Testing, Nutrition/Health Writing