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The Nut Milk Formula – Infographic

Sheena Scott

Empower yourself • Own your health • Change your life

Program Coach + Culinary Nutrition Expert

I love food! And experimenting in the kitchen has always been a favorite pasttime of mine. Through my own struggles with weight and body image as a young adult I became very interested in health and nutrition. This interest, combined with my love of cooking and food, eventually led me to enroll in the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program, earning my certification, with honors, in the spring of 2014.

Prior to enrolling in the program I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism & Public Communication emphasizing in Graphic Design and a Bachelor of Arts in Photography and Illustration from the University of Alaska. Since earning my degree I have worked as a graphic artist, primarily in front-end web and print design.

It is now my intention to guide others to make friends with their kitchen and themselves. Food touches every facet of our lives. We literally are what we eat. Luckily we to get to vote with each and every bite or sip who we will become.

What I want for everyone is to make that choice to be the glowing, vibrant, healthy person they deserve to be – what ever that means. But we have to make that choice and we have to want it bad enough to make it happen.

Empower yourself. Own your health. Change your life.
Let me be you guide.

Area of Expertise:

General Health + Wellbeing, Geriatric Health, Weight management


One-One Coaching, Private Classes, Group Classes, Menu Development, Recipe Development, Recipe Testing

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