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Before falling in love with nutrition (and I did fall hard!), I wasn’t exactly the poster child for health & wellness! Getting sick was like a part time job for me. Every couple of weeks I was battling the latest colds or flu bugs. My immune system was severely compromised! It got to the point where I lost all trust & faith in my own body.

My diet at that time consisted of 2 food groups: sugar and caffeine. Fresh fruits and veggies were optional in my eyes! Like most young women, I had an unhealthy relationship with my body. I wanted to lose weight and was looking for a quick fix in all the wrong places. I felt terrible overall.

What changed for me? I began to inform myself. I watched the latest documentaries, took myself to a holistic nutritionist, raided my fridge and pantry for all things packaged/proccessed & refined and I introduced myself to real foods. This included good fats, green vegetables, tons of water and breaking up with sugar. It’s not a shift that happened all at once. I chose and still choose to be healthy everyday! But the more I learned, the less room there was to go back. Before I knew it, in the course of a year I had not been sick at all! I finally discovered my immune system! Most satisfying of all though was the healthy relationship that developed with my body. Once I started to eat real, whole foods, I stopped obsessing over the number of calories I was consuming and the number before me on the scale. There was no joy in that. I realized that healthy eating was a way of life and the only way for me to feel good.

Eventually, this all led me to pursue a career in Holistic Nutrition because I was so passionate about the topic and because nothing else had ever felt so right. Today, I’m a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, a Culinary Nutrition Expert and a second year Homeopathy student. I’ve turned my passion for what I love into what I do for a living.

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General Health + Wellbeing, Pre/Post Natal Health, Special Health Conditions, Weight management


One-One Coaching, Private Classes, Group Classes, Menu Development, Recipe Development, Nutrition/Health Writing

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