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Become An Instructor

Be A Health Leader In Your Community

The doors to our school opened in 2014, and since that time, we have trained and graduated Culinary Nutrition Experts in 73 countries.

In addition to the training we offer in our flagship Culinary Nutrition Expert Program, we offer our graduates the opportunity to become a part of our extended team as Academy of Culinary Nutrition Certified Instructors.

As a Certified Instructor, you have the opportunity to get out in your community and start teaching classes and workshops that we have created exclusively for this purpose.

We want to see you out in the world sharing all you know (and continue to learn). We put every effort into supporting your success.


Become an Academy of Culinary Nutrition Certified Instructor in 14 weeks


The first step in becoming a Certified Instructor is to complete the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program at a certified level.

We run our Culinary Nutrition Expert Program every September through December. By January, our graduates (those who successfully complete the quizzes and assignments) are qualified to enrol as Academy of Culinary Nutrition Certified Instructors.

3 Steps to becoming a Certified Instructor:

  1. Register for and successfully complete the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program
  2. Enrol as a Certified Instructor and review the materials in the Teaching Resources Portal
  3. Schedule your first class!

Once you begin teaching these classes, we will include you and your classes in our newsletter, and promote across social media. You become a part of our Academy of Culinary Nutrition Global Team.

Your First Step

If you are feeling inspired, and want to learn more, please click below to learn more about the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program.

What It Means To Be An Instructor

TRP Recipes

As an Academy of Culinary Nutrition Certified Instructor, you will have access to our exclusive Teaching Resources Portal.

In the portal you will find everything you need to teach eight carefully selected classes created exclusively for use by our instructors.

Based on over a decade of experience, we have chosen class topics that have far reach, are in demand and suitable for both a recent graduate of our program and someone who has been out in the world teaching since we first opened our doors in 2014.

What’s Included For Our Instructors?

  1. Training Videos: 25 tutorial videos that guide you through the details of promoting your classes, securing locations and offering an incredible experience to your attendees.
  2. Promotional Materials: You’ll get promotional sample copy, professionally designed flyers and and professionally styled and photographed recipes images that can be used in emails, social media posts or blog posts to help you share and promote your classes.
  3. Original Recipes: A packet of original recipes specially created to support each of the the class topics.
  4. Teaching Plans and Speaking Notes: The teaching plans include everything you need to prep and run your classes including shopping lists, prep schedules, researched and referenced speaking notes and more.
  5. Student Handouts: Enable your students to follow along and leave them empowered with a handout that includes the key takeaways from the class guides, tips, strategies, all of the recipes made in class, along with all of the references for the research.


Become An Instructor!

In order to become an Academy of Culinary Nutrition Certified Instructor, you must first complete the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program.

Registration for the 2020 Culinary Nutrition Expert Program has closed. Early bird registration for the 2021 program will commence in November for a limited time and general registration will open in April, 2021.