Best Cookbooks by Culinary Nutrition Experts

The creativity of our culinary nutrition experts never ceases to amaze us – and one of the ways they choose to showcase their abilities is through delicious cookbooks, along with insightful guides packed with advice to help us live healthier lives. These best cookbooks written by Culinary Nutrition Experts offer nutritious recipes that will bring you joy during the cooking and eating process and can help you on your way to optimal wellness!

Best Books + Cookbooks written  by Culinary Nutrition Experts

Some Good by Jessica Mitton

Healthy Baked Fish and Chips

This cookbook is both gluten-free and dairy-free and highlights Newfoundland cooking. In this gem you’ll get to explore comfort food favourites – like this recipe for battered cod – and discover healthified versions of Eastern classics you may have never even heard of!

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Unbreakable by Trudy Stone

Best CNE Cookbooks

If you’ve turned on the news lately, you’ve probably seen Trudy rocking interviews about culinary nutrition – including discussions about Canada’s new food guide, the best foods to support mental health and Caribbean superfoods. Her book, Unbreakable, shares her seven most effective habits for achieving long-term health and weight management, which Trudy implemented herself to lose 30 lbs, and keep it off.

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Busy Moms Recipe Guide by Kristine Peacock

Best CNE Books and Cookbooks

As a mom of three littles, Kristine knows how challenging it can be to feed a family – especially if you are dealing with picky eaters. This e-book includes tons of family-friendly recipes that take less than 30 minutes to prepare (win!) and a 5-day meal plan to help you get organized.

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An Introduction to Meal Planning by That Clean Life

Best CNE books and cookbooks

That Clean Life and That Clean Life Business, created by culinary nutrition expert Abigail Hopkins, is our favourite online meal planner for consumers and a great tool for any nutrition business. This Introduction to Meal Planning – one of four free e-books That Clean Life offers – will show you how to create awesome meal plans for clients to support their health.

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The Ultimate Food Guide to Boosting Libido by Jennifer Haddad Bell

Best CNE Cookbooks and Books

This helpful digital guide will educate you on the food-libido connection and provides a 5-day meal plan, 17 recipes and a shopping list. You can grab a sneak peek at some of Jennifer’s libido expertise in this post about 5 Tips to Get In The Mood With Food.

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Help Yourself to Seconds by Michelle Vodrazka

Best CNE cookbooks

Michelle’s twin passions are nutrition and exercise – and she’s incredibly skilled at both! This cookbook, filled with 120 delicious recipes plus menu plans and templates, helps you exit the calorie counting mindset and teaches you how to cook easy, nutritious and blood sugar-balancing meals that will support wellness.

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The Feel Better Sugar Detox by Angela Simpson

Best CNE cookbooks

This gorgeously designed and photographed guide will inspire you kick your sugar addiction stat. Filled with recipes, shopping lists, meal plans, snack ideas, options for natural sweeteners and plenty of other tips, The Feel Better Sugar Detox is there to support you and help you initiate long-lasting health habits.

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Paleo Crumbs Fall Favourites by Macy Diulus

Best CNE cookbooks


Love fall ingredients like winter squash and pumpkin? So do we! This e-cookbook isn’t just filled with amazing Paleo and grain-free recipes, it’s also about giving back: 25% of the proceeds will support NoKidHungry.Org.

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Fall Recipe Bundle by Emily Roach

Best CNE cookbooks

A gluten-free and dairy-free collection of recipes that celebrates fall flavours. There is a huge variety of recipes in here, including main dishes, snacks, soups, salads, breakfasts and desserts – all your needs are deliciously covered.

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Mixiterranean Lifestyle Made Easy by Elaine Moran

Best CNE cookbooks

There isn’t one ‘right’ eating style for everyone, which is why we love how this e-book blends vegan, Paleo and Mediterranean diets so you can mix and match according to your health needs and preferences.

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Ditch the Diet by Leah Campian

best cne books

This practical guide offers actionable tools to help with weight loss, but more importantly it teaches us how to cultivate long-lasting habits and use nourishment to address our body, mind and spirit from the inside out.

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SEO for Food Bloggers by Amanda Macguire

Best cne books

Amanda is an SEO expert and her book is one of our absolute favourite resources for food bloggers. She really knows her stuff and explains it in a way that is easy to understand and implement.

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From Scratch Cooking

From Scratch 2019

There are six incredible editions of From Scratch Cooking, each one lovingly created using donated recipes from our culinary nutrition expert graduates. One hundred percent of the proceeds from this project are donated to charity: all told, we have raised about $70,000 for charities around the world through tasty recipes.

Get the 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 editions here.

The UnDiet Cookbook By Meghan Telpner (ACN Founder + Director)

The UnDiet Cookbook

This cookbook is the absolute definition of culinary nutrition. Every single ingredient in every single gluten-free recipe works to build our health, and items can be customized to every diet – whether you’re dairy-free, vegan, Paleo, soy-free and everything in between. Plus, there are handy edible beauty recipes, entertaining tips and travel advice. An essential resource for anyone who is interested in living a vibrant, healthy life.

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Anti-Inflammatory in 21 by Sondi Bruner (ACN Head Program Coach)

Anti-Inflammatory Diet - Cookbook

Inflammation is at the root of most health conditions and a healthy, anti-inflammatory diet can help to both prevent disease and manage existing issues. This healthy cookbook is a trove of information about food and inflammation, and we adore it to bits because every single recipe has only 5 ingredients! It’s a breeze to eat well when recipes are this simple (and delicious).

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