The Best Smoothie Formula

Here is an easy to follow smoothie formula guide to help you take your smoothies and your health to the next level. Here at the Academy of Culinary Nutrition, we have revived the same old smoothie you’ve been drinking for the last year by offering this simple (and mighty beautiful) Best Smoothie Formula.

The Basics that Every Great Smoothie Recipe needs:

  • Your nutrient-packed vegetables
  • Your optional fruit or sweet veg to make it taste like we love.
  • Your protein to help you feel full and stabilize blood sugar.
  • Your fat to fuel that brain and nervous system and turn your smoothie into a complete meal.
  • Your optional superfoods because they’re fun, delicious and offer that extra dose of power.
  • Your liquid options to power up your shake.

Best Smoothie Recipe Guide

We know this infographic is pretty fly and you’ll probably want to share it on pinterest. But what if you want to print out a copy and stick it on your fridge?

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3 responses to “The Best Smoothie Formula

  1. Susan

    I am new to smoothies so I really appreciate the Nutricious Smoothie Formula. It makes smoothie prep much easier. Thank you.

  2. John Lambkin

    My wife has been making them for some time now. We are always looking for new ” formulas”.

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