Episode 4: Can You Cure An Autoimmune Disease?

Today is the day we’re tackling a big topic: autoimmune diseases. Autoimmune conditions can be challenging and debilitating, as our founder Meghan Telpner has learned from personal experience, and Josh Gitalis knows from his clinical practice. Our fourth episode, Can You Cure An Autoimmune Disease?, is now available on your favourite podcast platforms.

This episode explores autoimmune diseases and the common misconception that once diagnosed, there isn’t much we can do. 

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Covered In This Episode

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • About Meghan’s own experience, including her diagnosis with Crohn’s disease and how it changed her diet and lifestyle.
  • Why you should draft a “health resume”.
  • The genetic, environmental and dietary factors that trigger autoimmune disease.
  • That there’s no single treatment for a disease, rather an intersection of medicine, diet and fitness.
  • Why complete commitment is required to push back against an autoimmune disease.
  • What all basic healing diets have in common and what autoimmune sufferers need to cut out of theirs.
  • What it means to live in a way that’s health supportive.
  • Why you should clean up your diet, specifically focusing on dairy and gluten.
  • Why you should not burn yourself out through intense exercise, but find ways to move throughout your day.
  • A few of the activities that bring Meghan and Josh joy.

Episode Bonus: Autoimmune Protocol

This episode’s bonus is a downloadable autoimmune protocol that highlights:

  • diet
  • lifestyle
  • supplement
  • the best mind-body practices
  • an essential reading list
  • health resume template
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Featured Organization: Thrive (Formerly called Organics 4 Orphans)

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Dale and Linda Bolton, Co-Founders of Thrive (Formerly Organics for Orphans)

We have a rare luxury that most people on the planet do not.  We are able to choose the food we eat to fuel our cells and our lives. And we want everyone else to have the same choices. We love this amazing organization that tirelessly strives to enhance food security in East Africa. They work in a variety of communities to teach people the skills to grow food in impoverished neighbourhoods, schools, and even in women’s prisons.

In 2018 alone, Thrive dug 24,403 garden beds, built 865 keyhole gardens, grew 1,767 medicinal plants, and grew food for 4,000,000 meals. Thrive has been a 4-time recipient of our annual e-cookbook for charity, From Scratch Cooking, and we are very proud to be associated with this worthy cause. You can learn more about From Scratch Cooking and how generous donations supported Thrive’s good work here.

We were thrilled to have Dale join us as an honorary Culinary Nutrition Expert in 2018, which helped enhance his nutrition knowledge and taught him some fantastic recipes.

Learn More: www.thriveforgood.org

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2 responses to “Episode 4: Can You Cure An Autoimmune Disease?

  1. Ann

    Hi! Thanks for the great Podcast and the inspiration to keep going with my health journey! I have tried many things and have been to many alternative health care practitioners. I LOVED the idea of a Health Resume to jot down everything I’ve gone through….you guys had mentioned there would be a download of it available and I can’t seem to locate it. Could you please advise? Thanks so much! Ann

  2. Academy of Culinary Nutrition

    Hi Ann! It’s included in the autoimmune protocol bonus above – you can click the ‘download now’ button to get it.

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