Culinary Nutrition Community

The Academy of Culinary Nutrition is the home of the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program amongst other culinary, health, lifestyle and business courses. Our school is 100% online, with a remote team that extends across Canada. The core mission of our work is to inspire people to live a healthy lifestyle and share their knowledge and skills with others. We do this through blog posts, social media, courses and our flagship Culinary Nutrition Expert Program. We are a small team of four and work with a handful of brilliant contractors with whom we have long-term relationships. While running our core 14-week program, we ramp up our team to include 15–20 program coaches.


Deliver exceptional educational and entertaining life-transformative services, courses and content that enhance personal and community health as well as the sustainability and well-being of the planet.

Core Values

1. Exceptional Experience

We believe in the work we do and we lend our brilliance, skills and knowledge to achieve the company goals and deliver an exceptional experience. We strive to build positive connections and loyalty with all of our customers, clients, students, readers and subscribers through everything we deliver and put out in the world. We value the extra sparkle and human touch that makes us exceptional at what we do. We bring ourselves to the task and show up in full force in order to deliver that exceptional experience.

2. Innovate and Lead

We apply original, creative thinking to everything we do, celebrating new recommendations and best practice innovations supported by data as proof. We strive to create new, simple and more efficient solutions by applying creative and critical thinking to everything we do. We seek out new recommendations, best practices and innovations supported by data and are open to calculated risks to continue to elevate to the next level and continue to be leaders in what we do.

3. Accountability

Our strength and leadership come from working together as a single team in our individual areas of brilliance. We strive to give 120% on every endeavour. We are accountable for our role within the team and the goals we set for ourselves and those set by the company. We take full ownership of both while aiming to achieve and exceed expectations. Understanding our dynamic work environment, we are each accountable to those goals, and should work effectively to reach them, with an awareness of when it may be time to change course or re-evaluate.

4. We Value Health At All Levels

We support and strive for health within ourselves and in our connections with each other. We are dedicated to nourishing relationships with our students/customers, our community, our partners, fellow team members as well as our work. Our focus on physical health through mindful food, movement and personal development work. By fostering open and honest communication, reflection and evaluation, we build trust with those around us and strive for equity within our relations. We are continually learning how we can better serve our community and our world through sustainable, health-building practices. As part of a remote team, we prioritize building a healthy team, fostering a healthy work-life balance and making our personal health and wellbeing a pillar in our lives.

Qualities That Make You A Great Fit In Our Company

  • Interest in health, food, nutrition, clean beauty, natural home care and the environment
  • Creative and solution-oriented thinker
  • You care a lot about the process and the final outcome
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Willingness to work in a fast-paced style with on-the-fly modifications for optimal effectiveness
  • Sense of urgency and passion
  • Strong aesthetic sense with meticulous attention to detail
  • Resourcefulness and positive can-do attitude – you love finding solutions to challenges and turning them into opportunities
  • High level of ownership, accountability and initiative
  • You have a thing for mantra-based passwords like ‘ThisIsTheBestJobEver100%’
  • An iPhone user with your own computer for use (Macs are our preference, but not required). We employ a Bring Your Own Device Policy

Qualities That Make You Stand Out

  • Curious and critical thinker
  • Passionate about digital media, online business, and fostering community
  • Strategic thinker who is always looking for innovative solutions
  • Enthusiastic
  • Professional work ethic – you show up in every way
  • Staying power – the ability to commit and see projects through to fruition
  • Require minimal guidance and are self-motivated to be awesome at what you do


  • There are currently no positions available. Please check again soon.

Our Hiring Process

Step 1: Complete the email application process as outlined above and submit.

Step 2: Qualified applicants, meaning those who complete what is asked above, may be sent some follow-up questions or clarifications, or to schedule an interview.

Step 3: Your first interview will be with the Customer Experience Lead (who is moving on to a different role in the company) & Marketing Lead.

Step 4: Your second interview will be with the Operations Director.

Step 5: Potential paid stand-alone project may be requested to further assess skills and efficiency.

Step 6: Your third interview will be with the company founder.

Step 7: If you’re the rockstar we’re seeking, we will follow up by email with an offer. (At this point, you can count on us to follow up either way.)

Thank you in advance for your interest in working with us and taking the time to apply. Your efforts are truly appreciated.  We will be in touch only with those applicants who will move on to Step 2.

Meghan Telpner Inc. and the Academy of Culinary Nutrition are equal opportunity employers. We welcome and encourage applications from people with disabilities, please reach out if you require accommodations, as we are committed to providing reasonable accommodations and will work with you to meet your needs. We actively invest in education and community action working towards building a solution-driven inclusive company, community and world.

Though we’re a remote team, we are unable offer work visa sponsorship at this time.