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Community is everything when it comes to supporting our health and wellbeing.

Having operated the Academy of Culinary Nutrition for more than a decade, and celebrated thousands of Culinary Nutrition Experts from around the world, we have experienced the power of community.

Community is everything when it comes to supporting the holistic view of what it means to be well.

We have created a unique membership opportunity where our wider community can connect with Culinary Nutrition Experts and each other to form deep and meaningful connections while having the opportunity to learn from each other and share your own unique life experiences and wisdom.

There is no other community like this. You belong here.

This is a safe, kind and open place to learn, explore, ask your questions and discover the answers that align for you.

As the world is in a transition, we know that personal empowerment and responsibility for levelling up our knowledge and skills in all aspects of living will be a guidepost through.

Fact: It has becomes more challenging to find the answers to the simplest of questions, we face the reality of conforming to a life and lifestyle that is out of sync with what we know it can be.

We recognize that there is no single diet, prevention strategy solution, or life philosophy that is right for every human on the planet. As such, in our community, we welcome all manner of experts to share their unique skills and knowledge and invite you to ask your questions, explore solutions creatively, experiment and share your experiences.

All are welcome, free of judgement. It is time to connect. It is time to play.

Experience the magic of this community, as together we do the work to be in the full expression of who we are as individuals.


Early Clubhouse Praise


We Bring The Magic Every Month

Every month we are hosting guest experts with live online events to guide our learning and spark new ideas.

All community members will be invited to join and participate, ask your questions and connect with our experts and each other through unique live online learning experiences.

All sessions will be recorded and added to our Replay Database which will grow and expand over time.

These will include:

  • Q&A Sessions with Experts
  • Cooking Demonstrations
  • Skillshare Demonstrations
  • Extra Special Guest Expert Presentations
  • Community Connect Sessions
  • Elixir Chats (think Roundtable Convos)
  • Recipe Challenge (with prizes!)
  • Access to a world transforming community

Online Experiential Learning Is What We do

For more than a decade we have been leading the way in how powerful online learning can be when done right. We are now expanding this opportunity to community led learning.



This is more than an online hub of resources.

This is more than a place to learn and deep dive into a variety of topics that empower you to be the fullest expression of who you are.

This is more than a series of live online events presented by leading experts.

This is more than a place to expand your skills.

It is all of the above and so very much more.

This is a community of super humans, gathered from around the world who are here for you, and to be supported by you.

🧡 This is the ultimate network of people who are wanting to build and create something bigger than themselves. This is a curated networking space where you will easily be able to find and connect with like-minded people who are also looking to build and create great things in their lives.

🧡  Here you will find a network of cheerleaders, supporters, experienced business people, culinary experts, health leaders, one-of-a-kinders who want to learn about your ideas and share theirs.

🧡 Here you will find answers to your questions and also discover you have valuable wisdom and insights to contribute to others.

🧡 This space will become your favourite place to hang out online and your go-to hub for a pick-me-up midday.

🧡 This community space represents what the next wave of the online and internet experience can be.

We have led the way in online learning and culinary nutrition. And we’re doing it again with this community.

Two more important things:

  1. This is so very much more than what you’ll find scrolling on social media.
  2. This is NOT a Facebook group. This is not on Facebook or any conventional social media platform.


We hold our community members to a high standard and expect absolute respect from everyone.

Unlike other online spaces, we hold the space for challenging paradigms and sometimes each other respectfully with the single goal of expanding our collective awareness, perspective and championing the learning process.

This community is for you if:

  • You want to learn new things and apply what feels right in your life
  • You want to lean in, get to know new people and form real connections
  • Attend as many of our live online events as can fit in with your schedule (or catch up with the recordings)
  • Have an open mind and can have big and important conversations respectfully
  • Want to apply what resonates for you into your life and experience the change!
  • Are looking to build on or be part of a global network of self-starters wanting to create magic in this world
  • Have a passion for living a healthy, vibrant 'spiral up' kind of life
  • You are considering the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program and want to get to know this special community

Each month we are offering six to ten live online events.

These events are both skill and knowledge based, as well as experiential and relationship building. Join as many as you can, watch the replays, and invite friends. These events are magic!

The Events Opportunities Include:

Join Academy of Culinary Nutrition Head Program Coach Sondi Bruner for an in depth conversation with Culinary Nutrition Experts on their experiences with healing, building businesses, transitioning careers, finding purpose and more.

Get motivated and inspired in the kitchen with our popular cooking demonstrations led by members of the Culinary Nutrition Expert Community.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn new and different techniques, be inspired by other cultures, learn about new ingredients and discover the joy of from scratch cooking.

All recipes used during the demos will be provided.

An Elixir Chat is our culinary nutrition way of saying roundtable conversation.

There are no expert presenters here but a member of The Clubhouse Team will be present to facilitate.

These sessions are an incredible way to get to know like-minded community members with shared interests and really dive deep in specific (and sometimes unique) areas of interest.

Are you up for a challenge? Each month the Clubhouse Team will select a recipe and invite community members to take on the culinary challenge. All who participate will be eligible to win prizes. Though, of course, the best prize of all is just being part of the fun 🥳

This is a non-culinary skillshare demonstration by members of this special community. This is an incredible opportunity to learn how to do/make/create something new, by learning from someone who has extensive skill and passion on the topic.

Our extra special guest expert presentations will give you access to the knowledge and skills of those that are leading the way in their field. This may include experts in child sleep, relationships holistic pet care, finance, parenting and more.

We are extremely proud of and grateful for the diversity of skill, wisdom, background and geography in this community. We have a lot we can learn from each other, and a lot of our own wisdom we can share. This is an incredible opportunity to do just that.

This is next level networking (even though we don’t love that word) that skips the small talk and invites us to better get to know ourselves and each other.


Connect with Academy founder Meghan Telpner

In the past, you would have had to be enrolled in one of our courses to access exclusive Q&A sessions with our founder Meghan Telpner. This is as close to working directly with Meghan as you can get. On a monthly basis, Meghan will be hosting Q&A sessions in the community group where she is open to answering your questions on just about any topic including:

  • Culinary nutrition
  • Health through the life span
  • Conscious parenting
  • Business (getting started, scaling, managing one and more!)
  • Just about anything you’d like to know!



We're Keeping It together For you

All of your courses with the Academy of Culinary Nutrition will remain in your student dashboard.

Everything you need to participate in The Clubhouse Community group is together in one simple to use space, which you can access via the website and/or mobile app. This includes:

  • Main feed with community posts and sharing.
  • List of community members
  • Full calendar of events
  • Easy customizing of notifications to get what you want (or turn off what you don't)
  • RSVP for events without leaving the community group
  • Access live events right from the community group (no need to save emails or links!)

  • 1:1 Private chat/messaging with fellow community members (you can also turn this off if it's not for you)
  • Library of presentation/demo recordings in an easy to use 'course' flow
  • All bonus resource content
  • Simple search tool to find/filter what you want to see
  • Easy invite links to bring your friends to our live online events
  • Easy to use mobile app or desktop platform for easy and enjoyable access

Drop in from anywhere, learn anytime, and share when you’re ready.

We’re waiting for you. And it’s all in one place


Enjoy access to thousands of experts and passionate community members sharing practical and important wisdom, skills and experience on topics designed to enhance the quality of your life.

Our aim is to provide a space where the time you spend online with this community is beneficial, inspirational, enjoyable and supportive of mental health.

We know the wildly beneficial impact of online community and connection when done right.

We also know, with irrefutable evidence the harms of traditional social media platforms.

Can we have the best of both worlds?

A space where we can scroll, be amused, entertained and engaged without the feeling of less than or missing out?

Through our 10+ years of experience with the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program and related community groups, we have honed our expertise in cultivating healthy, high vibration, deeply connected and genuine online experiences that nourish and support mental health and the wider picture of our lives.

This is not hosted on Facebook or any other traditional platforms 😎

You will not have to scroll through things you don’t want to see to find what you do 🥰


break free from the doom scroll

It is time to reclaim your mental health and your time.

What if you had a go-to place to enjoy some downtime online, but have it actually improve your mental health, support your emotional intelligence, nourish your creative flow and encourage critical thinking?

Break free from the online habits that are drawing you away from your goals.

Time to delete the other apps and experience what The Clubhouse will add to your life.

We don’t want you to have to give up your mobile devices or the value gained from online connection to protect and support your mental health.

We’re offering a different way to do it.



We need community to thrive.

We are a community with a spiral up approach to life – where our glass is neither half empty nor half full, but instead, we focus on the quality of what’s inside of it.

This community is designed to nourish and nurture you, as an individual, and as a part of something greater than you the same way we have done for more than ten years in the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program.

We know that our collective impact carries limitless potential.

With the tap of a button on your smartphone, or a click to open a new browser window on your desktop, you will enter a world where kindness isn’t the exception, creativity isn’t the rarity and where you are not the odd one out.

We’re going for quality here.

Just like with everything we do here at the Academy of Culinary Nutrition, we are not aiming to be the most massive we can be. We do want to have impact, though.

We also want to exceed expectations and delight you wherever we can.

Easy, right? 😅

Our approach with The Clubhouse Community isn’t about getting the most members in, charging the least we can each month hoping you don’t notice or can’t be bothered to do anything about it. (Did we just say the quiet part of most membership plans out loud? 🙊)

We want community members who:

  • really want to be here,
  • see the value rich opportunity that this is,
  • and are ready to lean in and participate.

The success of this community depends on the intentions for awesomeness shared and supported by every single member.

This is a curated space for connection (yes, you will have access to loads of content, video tutorials, experts and all that epically valuable learning), but you will also be building relationships while giving and receiving support and wisdom in community– communal unity.

This is where we differ.

Around here, you are not a monthly recurring number on a balance sheet.

You are you, with your own unique magic to share.

If you don’t see the value in how we’re daring to do this differently, then either:

  • We are not the right space for you, right now (but hopefully some day!)
  • You’re not quite ready to lean in and be open to how this community building opportunity can enhance your day-to-day life (but again, hopefully some day!)

We hope neither of these are true because we are ready and waiting to welcome you into The Clubhouse. And if you’re still reading this consider this question:

What needs to be true for you to be inspired to join us?


Membership Includes The Following:

  • Option to join as many live events as you like
  • Ongoing access to live event replays and accompanying resources
  • Opportunity to participate in roundtable conversations
  • Connect with fellow members in our community connect sessions
  • Join our monthly recipe challenge and level up your kitchen skills
  • Access bonus courses and content exclusive to our Clubhouse members

  • Get Started video guide so you are ready to play straight away
  • Take advantage of member exclusive special offers from our favourite brands
  • Access and build relationships with a global network of change makers
  • Enjoy ongoing access to shared resources from fellow members
  • Access networking/career opportunities
  • Be at the front of the line for all Academy of Culinary Nutrition Offerings


If I can’t attend any of the live events, will I still benefit?
Absolutely! All of our expert led events will be recorded and added to our Replay Database which grows on a weekly basis.

I find connecting deeply with people challenging both in real life and online. How will this be different?
Everyone in this community is in the same boat in that they are here because they want to connect and build real relationships with each other. The Clubhouse Team will be serving as connector matchmakers, facilitating introduction, hosting light and easy connecting events and other facilitated, low pressure, awkward-free ways to meet others in the community.

Is there a fee to join?
Not yet! You have the opportunity to enjoy extended access to The Clubhouse (three months!) without any payment and you are not asked for payment details to join either. Create your account and come on in!

How does The Clubhouse differ from the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program?

The Clubhouse is the place to play online. It is where we connect, and we have a special private space in the Clubhouse for our Culinary Nutrition Alumni and students.  The Culinary Nutrition Expert Program is our flagship 14-week certification program and many of the graduates of this program are our featured experts, presenting many of the cooking demonstrations, skillshare sessions and interviews in The Clubhouse.

Is this the same as the Clubhouse social audio app?

No, not even close. Dive in, and you’ll find out! This is a completely different platform.