In order to be accepted into our Culinary Nutrition Experts group on Facebook, we require that you agree to our terms. These terms are set in place to ensure this community remains a positive, informative, and welcoming place. If you have any questions about these guidelines, please contact us at

Culinary Nutrition Expert Community Terms

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  • We have a zero tolerance policy for negative behaviour in our group. This means never making anyone feel unwelcome or judged—no bullying, drama, meanness, or gossip. If you disagree with something or someone, do so in a respectable, mature, and thoughtful manner. Though we recognize topics around diet and lifestyle can feel very personal, we do not tolerate aggressive comments that can be deemed as vengeful or isolating. Violation of this rule is grounds for immediate and permanent removal from the Culinary Nutrition Experts group.
  • We work very hard to bring you an amazing course that will change your health, your life and your business. Just as we have invested a lot of time and energy, you and other course participants have also invested in this course. Direct sharing of course content including recipes is prohibited under both the copyright of the course and the copyright of UnDiet and The UnDiet Cookbook. Course content is exclusively for students who have enrolled in the course. If you want to share content with a fellow student, direct them to the appropriate module to find that information. No exceptions.
  • Sharing is caring. Share what you know, what you learn, what you're loving. Recipe photos are always welcomed. Pineapple smoothie? Chia pudding? We want to see what culinary delights you’re cooking up. Give more than you take and there will be an abundance of learning for all.
  • Under no circumstances should you ever email, add to your newsletter or contact other students without their permission. As well, MLM / Affiliate stuff might be great for your biz, but this is a place for sharing. When someone asks for a product recommendation and your response is “PM me” or “I’ve PM’d you” we may assume this is for a sales pitch and you may be removed. Any affiliate posts will be removed. Violation of this rule is grounds for removal from the group.
  • This group is not a substitute for Google. Take a moment to check your course emails, review CNE modules, do a quick search in the group search box, and perhaps even dig in to some research in Google. If you still have outstanding questions, share what you have found and pose your question.
  • The Facebook group is a complimentary bonus, not a part of the paid-for course. We don’t own Facebook, so if they change their terms, or decide to start charging for Facebook groups, this may limit or remove our ability to keep the group open and running. Also, if the group guidelines are not honoured or upheld, the Facebook group may be eliminated.
  • The group is NOT a place to get technical support for the course. If you need tech support or any other course-related support, please direct your questions to Technical questions about course access, or the portal in general will be removed from the group without notice or response. It’s not that we want to ignore you, it’s that often technical issues relate only to you and can cause unnecessary panic in the group. If there is an issue that affects everyone, you will receive an email from us directly.
  • We know this is tempting, but please refrain from sending private messages or tagging Meghan, Sondi, your program coach or anyone else from the ACN team. We review posts once a day and do our very best to offer our insights and expertise. Meghan’s Facebook Messenger inbox is full of spam and she does not respond to messages in there. If your question is time-sensitive, please contact your program coach and/or email us at Please note that our regular office hours are Monday to Friday 9-5:30 ET. We do not check our email or the Facebook group outside of our regular office hours.
  • Advice, tips, opinions and all other info shared by students in discussions or on the group wall are those of the author. You rely on this information at your own risk. Students are encouraged to seek professional advice for specific, individual situations and not to rely solely on advice or opinions given in the discussions or in the group.
  • We do not permit crowd sourcing solutions to your health challenges, or your clients'. It is not safe to take or make recommendations without knowing a full health history. If you are at a loss for your health or someone you love, please work with a dedicated practitioner. Questions regarding supplement recommendations and specific treatments is beyond the scope of this course and therefore will be removed without notice. Should you see these posts, though you may be tempted to respond, please do not. It is a professional liability to do so.
  • Please refrain from sharing images that are graphic in nature. This includes, but is not limited to, photos of health conditions (I.e. rashes, wounds, really gross moldy food etc.)
  • Once you enter the Facebook group, it is encouraged that you spend some time reviewing past posts so you can get a sense of the community we keep. If the guidelines of this group are infringed upon, we reserve the right to delete your post or comment without notice. If it continues, we will contact you directly to help communicate our objectives with the group.