Congratulations 2015 CNEs. You’re awesome!

Congratulations! You did it.

And we are so proud of this year’s incredible community. Our Fall 2015 crew came from across the globe, over 23 countries represented and and infinite level of wisdom, and inspiration.

The grand finale of the CNE program, their final assignment, is a 2-hour live class, facilitated by our culinary nutrition experts-in-training. This is the opportunity for our students to incorporate all of the skills they’ve learned throughout the semester and share what they know about culinary nutrition with family, friends, or coworkers.

Our students are always a little nervous about hosting an event, but every year they are filled with elation and gratification after they totally rock it.

We are so proud to share photos of some of our students, where they share their smiling faces, beautiful food, and pride at a job well done!

Jess Pecush, Calgary AB

“So grateful to have had the experience of executing my first workshop today – totally exhausted but very pleased with how it went! The 5 guests really enjoyed the recipes and the variety. An awesome experience. I will sleep well tonight!”

Cooking workshop

Joanna Wilson Phillips, Guilford VT

“Cooking class success! Exhausted and excited…and looking forward to doing it again soon.:)”

CNE cooking workshop

Crystal Allen, Richmond BC

“In the 2 hours that the kids were at my house, each and every one of them tried at least one bit of 26 fruits and vegetables, either eating or in juice form. I was SO PROUD of these kids. They were brave, curious and little sponges soaking up the information. Both of the moms were shocked that their kids tried everything, and so proud.”

Picky eating cooking class

Deidre Haska, Littleton CO

“Breaking Up With Gluten Over Brunch. What an amazing experience!!! Can’t wait to plan the next one!”

Gluten-Free Brunch

Shannon Mulligan-Mayernik, North Haledon NJ

“I’ve been friends with this group since elementary school and I am soooo happy they were the ones to support me during my first ever cooking class!”

healthy cooking class

Nancy Williams, Cortlandt Manor NY

“I had the most amazing day today! What an experience. The theme for my class was Surviving and Thriving at the Holidays with a focus on anti-inflammatory foods. Everything went right on schedule, but my students must have enjoyed themselves because we sat around talking about nutrition for another 3+ hours. I am exhausted but on such a natural high…floating off to bed now!”

Healthy Holiday Cooking Class

Carrie Bond, Sherwood Park AB

“It turned out so great. We laughed, learned and loved. Send out positive vibes and others will come.”

CNE cooking workshop

Katie Bracewell, Woodstock ON

“What a fun afternoon of clean Christmas baking, lots of questions and surprisingly I was able to answer all but one!”

CNE healthy holiday baking class

Lori DePietro Standen, Vermilion OH

“I’m exhausted and so grateful and blessed after today’s cooking demo. Nine attendees! We went a little long, but everyone loved the food and my talk on Embracing the Anti-Inflammatory Life went great.”

cooking workshop

Latifa Lipton, Saint Paul MN

“Cooking class a success, maybe even some future classes to come from it! I was worried I wouldn’t have anyone to come because I don’t know very many people here yet, but all 6 ladies I have met came! Great time was had by all….and I’m pooped. :)”

CNE cooking class

Candice Gonzales Cullen, Northglenn CO

“I did my class this afternoon! I LOVED it! Everyone had a great time.”

Healthy cooking workshop

Jessica Mitton, Cow Head NL

“Had an amazing time working on my cooking class assignment! Lots of fun in the kitchen! Thanks to my parents and husband for a wonderful morning.”

healthy cooking workshop

Carla Matthews, Newport Beach CA

“Workshop success! So much fun to teach and share the knowledge I’ve learned through CNE. Thank you Meghan Telpner for this program and your inspiration!”

CNE cooking class

Kristine Peacock, Stouffville ON

“My “Healthy for the Holidays” workshop was a huge success! The participants were interactive, had some great questions and really enjoyed the recipes, food and content. I invited them to join a 30-day challenge I am calling “The Power of 30″ – I want to recruit, 30 people, for 30 days for $30! My plan is to offer them 30 days of meal plans, 30 recipes (30 minutes or less to prepare), and daily tips and motivation. 5 people signed up AND paid me on the spot! (Does it count if one of them was my mom?!) I guess I have my work cut out for me!”

CNE cooking workshop

We are bursting with pride at our students’ accomplishments. They have learned a tremendous amount of knowledge and skills in a very short time, and hosting these workshops is a testament to their commitment, enthusiasm and positivity. The culinary nutrition expert program strives to inspire our students and equip them with the tools to share their knowledge with others. As you can see from the photos above, this year’s cohort has not only become amazing educators, but also further inspired the people in their lives to get into the kitchen too.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

– Margaret Mead

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