Culinary Nutrition Conference Preview: Josh Gitalis Interview

It’s conference week here in the kitchen and to kick things off, we’re sharing with you a little sample, a taste test if you will, of the interview our host Meghan Telpner did with faculty member, clinical nutritionist and functional medicine specialist, Josh Gitalis. Registration in the one-day conference is free with advanced registration. Click here to reserve your spot! Enjoy this selection of the interview where Josh shares many gems including:

  • How can we use supplements for maximum benefit.
  • Where food fits in with our healthy lifestyle.
  • Genetic testing and what we know for sure.
  • What role the breast cancer gene has in us developing breast cancer.
  • Who can and can’t drink coffee and get health benefits.

If you have any questions for Josh based on what you’ve heard in this clip- you can tweet him directly @JoshGitalis #CNEcon2015

Culinary Nutrition Conference

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