Culinary Nutrition Expert Program Experience: Getting Into The Flow

The 2020 Culinary Nutrition Expert Program kicked off in September and is well underway as our amazing new students have been cooking up, and sharing up a storm! During the last few weeks, our students have been taking a deep dive into their culinary nutrition skills including

In our first kitchen roundup of the year, we’re shining the spotlight on some of our favourites from this first part of the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program!

Getting Started As A Culinary Nutrition Expert

Celine David, Barrocalvo, Portugal

“Practicing my knife skills and pretty food photography – fun times!”

knife skills with vegetables

Fayrooz Abader, Capetown, South Africa

“Knife skills salad – practice was good, eating was even better!”

Culinary Nutrition Expert Program knife skills

Carmela Del Valle, Brampton, Ontario

“We are all rocking this first recipe assignment. Seeing everyone posting this recipe makes me dance💃. It is so colourful. Wishing everyone a Happy Healthy Cooking!”

Culinary Nutrition Experts learn knife skills

Angela Hutchinson, Port Coquitlam, British Columbia

“Busy morning in my kitchen. But it smells sooooooo good! Really enjoying this program, a lot.”

homemade condiments made by Culinary Nutrition Expert Students



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Jane Sartain, State Road, North Carolina

“The smell of this baking brought both my husband and two teens to the kitchen from opposite ends of the house. All wanted to know: ‘Mom, what smells so good?'”

homemade curry powder ingredients - Culinary Nutrition student roundup

Rob Shepley, Essex, Ontario

“Saturday Morning fun – the house smells amazing.”

Culinary Nutrition Expert Program kitchen roundup

Karen Crosmas, New Castle, Ontario

“Oh, the aromas in the house this weekend. Having so much fun creating things I’ve always said, ‘I should make that one day.’  The “one days” are here. 😃”

Kitchen Roundup - homemade condiments

Tammy Hudson, Valley, Nebraska

“Starting my Saturday morning with amazing spice smells. Love, love, love this program.”

homemade curry powder spice mix

Amy Walder Carrington, Ogden, Utah

“This is my kind of homework – my kitchen smells amazing!”

homemade curry powder, bbq sauce and almond milk made by Culinary Nutrition student

Shannon Schneeberger, Ashland, Wisconsin

“When you finally get around to making that nut milk you’ve been saying you were going to do for (years?) now?! 😂 Thanks #cneprogram for helping me get it done! ❤ Went right in my smoothie this morning 🥛🍓🍍🍌”

Kitchen Roundup - cashew milk


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Sandy Everett, Robbinsville, New Jersey

“Making my own homemade nut/seed milk is very empowering and humanizing. I love that my son sees me making his milk. This gets us closer to the food source so we’re not constantly associating food with packages and cartons!”

Culinary Nutrition student

Debbie Kreisel Bookman, The Villages, Florida

“Delicious Almond Milk!”

Culinary Nutrition Expert student making homemade nut milk

Kaitlin Papandrea, Langhorne, Pennsylvania

“These crackers are addicting! I am such a sucker for salty/crunchy and these are a better alternative! Next time I’ll use a cookie cutter or at least attempt more even squares.”

Nutrition Expert student work

Sonia DiBiase, Woodbridge, Ontario

“So yummy! My family loved these Almond Veggie Burgers with Mango Chutney and a side of veggies!! Loving this course. Best homework I have ever done.”

veggie burger made by CNE student


Michelle Muller, Guelph, Ontario

“Awesome dish. So happy to find delicious, easy to make, nutritious meals to add to the menu rotation. I’ve had UnDiet for years and this course is taking me from mostly just eye-candying the recipes to getting them on the plate – LOVE that.”

Veggie Burger - Culinary Nutrition Expert Program

Leslie Zivich, Loganville, Georgia

“I am in love with these Maki Rolls. I’ve always been intimidated by making homemade sushi but seriously it was so easy!! My kids had fun helping too…nothing better than connecting with your family over healthy food!”

nori rolls made by Culinary Nutrition student

Leanne Larwill, Ottawa, Ontario

“I served the I Heart My Kale Salad and Sweet Potato Arame Salad with dinner tonight and my family loved them! They said “Can you keep going to cooking classes?” I am so glad I signed up. I’m really enjoying all the new dishes and apparently so is my family!!”

Culinary Nutrition student makes kale salad

Suzanne Goulden, Steinbach, Manitoba

“I have never had luck with kale. Kale chips, kale in salad, kale in stews, kale in soups. I keep trying but never winning…until tonight! Meghan’s I Heart My Kale Salad was amazing for everyone! Kids liked it, even hubby had seconds. It’s my new favorite salad! Massaged kale for the win! I will be making this regularly.”

student work - Culinary Nutrition Expert Program

Vanessa Rochefort, Saint-Léonard, Quebec

“I believe this was my favorite assignment to date though I feel like I say this every week. What can I say, I’m just loving this program!”

Culinary Nutrition Expert student homework


Today is the day! What’s cooking in your kitchen?

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Header Image: Vanessa Rochefort

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