Culinary Nutrition Extravaganza: Special Guests + What They’re Teaching

On May 9, The Academy of Nutrition is hosting its first Culinary Nutrition Extravaganza! This exciting, free, online, all-day event involves me and some of my most talented culinary nutrition friends cooking up a ton of fun and deliciousness in the kitchen.

You can tune in live, interact with our guests and ask questions, and learn recipes, tips and tricks for living an inspired culinary nutrition life. Grab your free seat here.

Here is a sneak peek at what we have in store for you!

What Makes This Extravaganza Unique?

At the Academy of Culinary Nutrition, our goal is to educate you about food choices and how therapeutic foods can help support your health. For the last several years, I have hosted the Culinary Nutrition Conference, a full-day event that included a mix of pre-recorded interviews with experts along with live video talks and Q & As. This event was incredibly popular and well-attended, with many viewers reaping the benefits of the knowledge our guests had to share.

What I have come to learn through 10 years of owning my own business and 5 years of teaching an incredible array of students here at the Academy of Culinary Nutrition, is that it’s challenging to take your knowledge into the kitchen with you on a daily basis. In my quest to be of service to you in the best way I possibly can, I dreamed up the idea of doing a completely virtual, 100% live event where you can view nourishing recipes being made in real time and see how simple it is to do!

Our guests are dynamic, personable, and have a wealth of practical and actionable knowledge to share with you. This culinary nutrition extravaganza will help you explore the different kinds of meals you can make in your kitchen, and provide you with the recipes and skills to go forth and make it happen. I think this is going to be a truly fun day where anything can happen!

Also, everyone who has RSVP’d for the event will be voting on the topic and demonstration I’ll be presenting. At this point, it’s anyone’s guess what I’ll be cooking up! Click here to learn more and save your seat.

When I began teaching intimate classes in my own home kitchen a decade ago, I never imagined that one day my tribe would grow to nearly 1,500 Culinary Nutrition Experts in 53 different countries. My goal was simply to bring people together who shared interests, a passion for healthy living, love for the best food ever, and the desire to share this knowledge with those around them.

In a world that is increasingly drenched in crisis and tragedy, our tribe has become a force of change, positivity, and kindness. From raising money for worthy charities to offering scholarships to helping those that seek our guidance in a multitude of ways, our graduates are reaching every corner of their respective communities and that in turn is influencing the world.

Join us and take part in an entertaining and tasty day with people from around the world who love food and learning!

Culinary Nutrition Extravaganza: Guest Lineup

Josh Gitalis – ACN Instructor, Clinical Nutritionist and Functional Medicine Expert

Josh Gitalis - Extravaganza

Topic: Elixir Crafting Basics: How to Layer a Medicinal Drink

What You’ll Learn: Turn your kitchen into a nutrition lab! The fine art of elixir craft is one that can be mastered by understanding a few key concepts. Josh will show you how to combine the best of herbs, spices, superfoods, mushrooms, and phytonutrients, to make powerful, tasty beverages.

Click here to learn more and save your seat.

Joy McCarthy – Nutritionist and Best-Selling AuthorJoy McCarthy - Extravaganza

Topic: Eat and Live Joyously

What You’ll Learn: Joy will share some of her signature simple and delicious nutrient-powered recipes along with tips on how she eats and lives well every day.

Click here to learn more and save your seat.

Abigail Hopkins – Culinary Nutrition Expert and Co-Founder, That Clean LifeAbigail Hopkins - Extravaganza

Topic: Strategies for Effective Meal Planning and Prep

What You’ll Learn: Abigail will share the strategies she uses to create her weekly meal plan, as well as the secrets to effective prep so that you can be in and out of the kitchen in less than two hours.

Click here to learn more and save your seat.

Joel MacCharles, Master of Food Preservation, Bestselling Author of BatchJoel MacCharles - Extravaganza

Topic: A Kick in the Kvass to Get Preserving

What You’ll Learn: Fermentation doesn’t have to be scary when you have the right skills and tools on your side! Joel will demystify fermentation and show you how to make some simple, fermented staples.

Click here to learn more and save your seat.

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