2019 Culinary Nutrition Kitchen Roundup: Part 1

The Fall 2019 Culinary Nutrition Expert Program is underway and our amazing new students have been sharing up a storm of their kitchen creations! During the last few weeks, our students have been learning the basics such as knife skills and how to make simple staples from scratch at home. Today, in our first kitchen roundup of the year, we’re shining the spotlight on some of our favourites!

2019 Culinary Nutrition kitchen Roundup

Christine Bullajian, Fairview TX, United States

“Had I known homemade almond milk was so tasty and SO easy to make, I would have been doing this for years! My kids love it, too.”

Kitchen Roundup 1

Katia Mercado, Boynton Beach FL, United States

“In love with my homemade almond milk. Never thought was so easy to make and soooo delicious!!! No more store bought!”

Kitchen Roundup 1

Shelley Loving, Van Alstyne TX, United States

“I’ve wanted to make my own nut milk for years. We stopped buying milk years ago, and I am a HUGE fan of DIY projects in the kitchen. I am currently enrolled at @culinarynutrition. This was one of my homework assignments. How lucky am I? It turned out beautifully.”

Kitchen Roundup 1

Jenny Black, Aurora ON, Canada

“Delicious homemade almond milk! Who knew it was so easy? My morning smoothies just got a whole lot healthier!”

Roundup 1


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Brianna Simone, Keswick ON, Canada

“First time preparing curry powder from scratch using organic whole spices. What an aroma!”

Homemade Curry Powder

Jessica Crossan, Bradford ON, Canada

“Trust me, you wish there was smell-o-vision on IGTV!! Check out my story…recipe assignments underway over here!”

Recipe Assignment 1

Carly Eagles, Peterborough ON, Canada

“So many fun things being cooked up over here for the #cneprogram this week 😊💜. This beautiful blend of spices became a homemade curry powder! I toasted the spices and grinded them up. Holy moly, that aroma 😍👍”

Kitchen Roundup 1

Rosie Coelho, Toronto, ON Canada

“Almond milk. Creamy. Delicious. No need to ever buy store-bought again.”

Homemade Nut Milk

Kate Flynn, Santa Barbara CA, United States

“This week’s @culinarynutrition assignment focused on making from scratch things you might typically buy from the store (nut milk, curry powder, and bbq sauce). A little extra work, but so worth it!”

Nutrition Roundup 1

Shannon Sponagle, Lunenburg NS, Canada

“Currently up-leveling my kitchen and recipe development skills with the Culinary Nutrition Expert program through the Academy of Culinary Nutrition. My homework is delicious!”

Kitchen Roundup 1


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Janine Klinegal, Tallebudgera Valley, Queensland, Australia

“My 1st recipe assignment for the #cneprogram – Knife Skills Salad. It’s so fresh and the different colours and textures of the veggies made it so pleasant to eat.”

Healthy Salad

Catherine Joyce, Toronto, ON Canada

“5 simple ingredients that will put any store bought dip to shame. Thanks to @meghantelpner for re-lighting my fire for cooking and photography. Forever grateful to get back to old passions!”

2018 CNE nutrition Roundup

Margaret Bose Johnson, Stony Plain AB, Canada

“Finished my second recipe assignment for my Culinary Nutrition Expert program – homemade honey mustard, barbecue sauce, curry powder, and almond milk. All are exceptionally yummy! Feels good to see them done!”

Kitchen Roundup 1

Lacy Johnson, Ogden UT, United States

This was so amazing on our chicken breast last night. The aroma was so yummy too 🤤 I would have to say that it is my most favorite BBQ sauce I’ve ever tasted 🧡👩‍🍳💚 Also, knowing every ingredient in the recipe is a plus. It’s so awesome to be able to eat foods, that normally would cause discomfort, and feel energized and really good afterwards. Love what I am learning in the #CNEProgram.

Homemade BBQ sauce

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