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Culinary Nutrition Mini-Training


Thank you for your interest in our free mini-training in Culinary Nutrition.

This is your opportunity to get a taste (pun intended!) of what our 14-week certification program is like.

Module #1: Protein Power Milk

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Module #2: Super Digestive Tincture

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Module #3: Sauerkraut 101

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  • Ashleigh Grange

    As a holistic nutritionist with extensive culinary knowledge already, this program taught me most of all how to look beyond the typical sources of income for holistic nutritionists and to consider new ways of offering products and services of great value. The Biz Rockin’ workshop was invaluable for new and veteran business owners alike!

  • Brianne Hattum Brianne Hattum

    This has been a life-changing experience for me, more than I would have ever thought. Not only with the great education from Meghan and her team, but my family also gained a lifestyle change that has made us happier and healthier. This course goes beyond food and touches some other aspects of life that lead to healthier lifestyles. Great reminder. The level of relationships with the team and classmates that build over the 16 weeks is more powerful than some relationships I have had over my lifetime. We are learning together at different levels, but getting to the same point. The comfort of support is amazing. One of the best decisions I made was signing up to this program.

  • Brooke Hutchison Brooke Hutchison

    Meghan is such a light! Having had the opportunity to soak up the wealth of knowledge and wisdom she pours along with those of her community has been incredible. Each week my expectations of the course content, assignments and sense of community were exceeded. The last four months has made an enormous positive impact on my kitchen, my home, my life and those around me. I am forever grateful for Meghan & her team’s hard work in creating this well-rounded, fun and inspiring program. So happy to be part of this bright, powerful and passionate tribe!

  • Christine Moody Christine Moody

    Meghan’s warmth and pure spirit shine through in everything she does. I took the class out of curiosity and ended up honing and building a whole set of skills that I never expected. Her ability to channel her passion into building a business that is honest, real and world-changing is both inspiring and exciting. I was honoured to be a part of this journey and to learn and build relationships on the way.

  • Erin Smandych

    I went into this course thinking I would learn a few things about meal planning, and I came out knowing how to teach this to others in a meaningful way. I never thought I would be confident enough to start a business in this field, but now I have all the tools to do so! The professionalism and structure of this course blew me away, and it was worth every penny of my investment. The community created between Meghan’s team and the fellow CNE-ers was absolutely amazing. Not only did I gain the skills I needed, I now have an entire support system as well! I have never been more inspired!

Culinary Nutrition Expert Program