Culinary Nutrition: 2017 Recipe Roundup 1

The Fall 2017 Culinary Nutrition Expert Program has begun and our amazing new students have been sharing up a storm of kitchen creations! During the last few weeks, our students have been learning the basics such as knife skills and how to make simple staples from scratch at home.

Today, in our first kitchen roundup of the year, we’re shining the spotlight on some of our favourites!

Fall 2017 Kitchen Roundup

Jessica Forse, QLD Australia

“Because of my fantastic produce prep over the weekend, this sexy salad only took about 5 minutes to assemble. Fresh, whole meals do not have to be time consuming or complicated especially when you plan ahead. So go try it!”

Salads and Staples - CNE program

Laura Hearn, Markham ON

“Knife Skills Salad complete! Loving the #cneprogram so far!”

CNE kitchen roundup - salads

Meg Woodward, Carlsbad CA

“Having a blast in the #cneprogram already! Cheers everyone.”

Salad - CNE kitchen roundup

Jennifer Kular, Amsterdam Netherlands

“Homework: BBQ Sauce.”

BBQ sauce -culinary nutrition kitchen roundup

Brittany Trahan, Los Angeles CA

“This week’s assignment had me making BBQ sauce from scratch. It turned out pretty darn good!”

culinary nutrition kitchen roundup


Taylor Kalvert, Franklin TX

“Just over here doing homework today — and you’re looking at it! Loving my @culinarynutrition class because homework and Sunday meal prep go hand.”

culinary nutrition kitchen roundup

Gemma Digby, Burlington ON

“Asking for a ‘nut bag’ at the grocery store was well worth the puzzled looks.”

culinary nutrition kitchen roundup

Yvonne Crutchfield, Las Vegas Nevada

“The healing powers of homemade curry powder.”

Curry powder - culinary nutrition kitchen roundup

Candra Reynolds, Toronto ON

“My curry powder from scratch. Yes, I went to the store and bought all these spices in seeds, toasted them and ground them. The aroma is amazing, can’t wait to make something with it.”

culinary nutrition roundup - curry powder

Today is the day! What’s cooking in your kitchen?

Culinary Nutrition Roundup 1

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