2018 Culinary Nutrition Roundup 1

The Fall 2018 Culinary Nutrition Expert Program is underway and our amazing new students have been sharing up a storm of kitchen creations! During the last few weeks, our students have been learning the basics such as knife skills and how to make simple staples from scratch at home.

Today, in our first kitchen roundup of the year, we’re shining the spotlight on some of our favourites!

2018 Culinary Nutrition Cooking Roundup

Anna Marszalkowska, Toronto, ON Canada

“I loved the smell in the kitchen while making this curry powder. Making it from scratch and using good quality ingredients guarantees the best homemade curry powder ever. Looking forward to using it!”

Kitchen Roundup 1

Heather Carpentier, Coon Rapids, MN USA

“Making homemade curry spice blend for a school assignment, and I can smell all the goodness while taking the photo!”

2018 CNE Kitchen Roundup

Jodi Lebrun, Toronto, ON Canada

“I’m toasting up 10 herbs and spices for my #CNEprogram curry powder assignment. Aren’t they gorgeous?!”

Culinary Nutrition Expert Kitchen Roundup


Nadhrah Mohd Maidin, Taman Melawati Indah, KL Malaysia

“Everybody needs a good barbecue sauce in their kitchen – homemade sauce is always better than what you can buy in the store.”

Recipe Roundup


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Michelle Marie-Beer, Toronto, ON Canada

“The dog didn’t eat my homework, but I sure did! Who knew going back to school would be this delicious?!” 😋

CNE Kitchen Roundup

Rose DeMarco, Woodbridge, ON Canada

“And it’s a wrap! These homemade veggie rice wraps were a hit in my household on Thanksgiving Monday! We skipped the turkey leftovers and opted for something fresh and light instead. It was a happy ending for sure!!”

Kitchen Roundup

Randa Derkson, Prince George, BC Canada

“This week’s recipe assignment for the #CNEprogram was a good one. I was going to save some for my son..but now I don’t know😂”

Recipe Roundup

Rosie Coelho, Toronto, ON Canada

“Almond milk. Creamy. Delicious. No need to ever buy store-bought again.”


Mae Elias, Alameda, CA United States

“Chopping veggies is one of my favourite parts of meal prep! It’s calming and therapeutic since you’re forced to slow down.”

Recipe Roundup

Lauren Scapillati, Toronto, ON Canada

“This grain-free cauliflower shepherd’s pie hit the SPOT tonight.”

Recipe Roundup

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Sandi Di Savino, Whitby, ON Canada

“Seriously loving up the #CNEprogram and all the new recipes I get to make. This sunflower power spread is from The UnDiet cookbook and another keeper.”

2018 CNE Program Kitchen Roundup

Catherine Joyce, Toronto, ON Canada

“5 simple ingredients that will put any store bought dip to shame. Thanks to @meghantelpner for re-lighting my fire for cooking and photography. Forever grateful to get back to old passions!”

2018 CNE Kitchen Roundup

Today is the day! What’s cooking in your kitchen?

CNE roundup 1

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