Culinary Nutrition Roundup 2

We’re just past the halfway mark in the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program and the recipe assignments are even more complex, fun and delicious. In our latest recipe roundup, we shine the spotlight on some of our favourite creations from our students.

In the last few weeks, our students have been exploring using plants in a variety of ways and creating healthified versions of their favourite comfort foods and snacks. They’ve also played with cultural cuisines, sea vegetables, and the beauty of raw food.

Recipe Roundup #2

Esther Ban, New York City NY, United States

Kitchen roundup

“I am in love with these sesame orange crisps!! Crackers are my weakness and now I have a grain free replacement for life 😍.”

Toni Garza, Munso IN, United States

“Sesame crisps and creamy zucchini hummus didn’t make it far past this photo. My teens loved it and asking for more. I thing they are loving this program as much as I am! 💗.”

Recipe roundup

Zeina Layoun, Biakout, Lebanon

“This zucchini dip and those crackers are now my kid’s favorite! Totally delicious!”

Recipe roundup

Janet Chong Lee, Scarborough ON, Canada

“I ❤️ My Kale Salad! So good!”

Recipe Roundup

Nancy Lynn Monson, Carson City NV, United States

“So so delicious! I’d never made rolls before or eaten raw sweet potato or had green miso soup. What a delicious surprise! It was so yummy that I ate the whole thing.”

Recipe roundup

Christine Bullajian, Fairview TX, United States

“Let me see that sushi roll…😂. Seriously though, this assignment was so much fun! I’ve never made sushi before and it was incredibly easy!”

Recipe roundup

Rachael Lancaster, New York City NY, United States

“Trying new flavour combinations is hit or miss. This beauty was a big hit. Seaweed, raw sweet potato and apple…my tastebuds were doing happy dances. Raw food contains loads of phytonutrients that cooking destroys, so it’s a powerful way to enjoy eating a 🌈.”

Recipe Roundup

Carly Eagles, Peterborough ON, Canada

“Sweet Potato Arame Salad from @culinarynutrition 😍 Wowsa! I never knew you could eat raw sweet potato, and the combo with Arame and a lovely ginger dressing is wicked good.”

Recipe roundup

Kelsey Luker, Atlanta GA, United States

“My fiancé took one bite of this almond veggie burger, put it down… and immediately made two more for his plate before he sat down to finish. No food goes to waste with him around. He’s loving this program almost as much as I am!”

Recipe roundup

Today is the day! What’s cooking in your kitchen?

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