Culinary Nutrition Roundup 2

We’re just past the halfway mark in the  Culinary Nutrition Expert Program and the recipe assignments are even more complex, fun and delicious. In our latest recipe roundup, we shine the spotlight on some of our favourite creations from our students.

In the last few weeks, our students have been exploring using plants in a variety of ways and creating healthified versions of their favourite comfort foods and snacks. They’ve also played with cultural cuisines, sea vegetables, and the beauty of raw food.

Recipe Roundup #2

Michele-Marie Beer, Toronto ON, Canada

“Homework! Yummy yummy homework!”


Renee Mackey-Burson, Woodstock ON, Canada

“It’s pretty awesome and convenient that doing recipe assignments for @culinarynutrition also turns into easy meal prep!”


Anna Behman, Sydney NSW, Australia

“Since I’ve taken the #CNEprogram, I’ve started to include even more vegan, plant-based meals into our diet.”

Recipe Roundup

Anna Marszalkowska, Toronto ON, Canada

“I’ve never made homemade crackers and here we are – they’re fairly easy, quick and delicious! They disappeared within 24 hours!”

Recipe Roundup

Elba Ramirez, Doral FL, United States

“Aquí mis kimchi maki rolls, parte de las recetas de mi #cneprogram Les cuento: quedaron DELICIOSOS!!!!!”


“Here are my kimchi maki rolls, part of the recipes from the #cneprogram. I tell you: They were delicious!!!!!”

Recipe Roundups

Nadhrah Mohd Maidin, Taman Melawati Indah KL, Malaysia

“I’m learning to get more adventurous with my food choices in the #cneprogram! The whole idea of eating raw is fairly new to me.”

Recipe Roundup

Lisa Lio, Toronto ON, Canada

“Kale is not usually my go-to for salad greens, but when you add sun-dried tomatoes, walnuts and avocado to the mix – all of a sudden I’m looking at kale a little differently!”

Recipe Roundups

Amanda Kovatchev, Prince Edward County ON, Canada

“I have an organized kitchen. I’m learning about ingredients. I’m prepping. I’m cooking from scratch. And look at that…. I am even getting better at food photography!”

Recipe Roundups

Meagan Lindquist, Seattle WA, United States

“As I’m on my dharma of becoming a Culinary Nutrition Expert, I pretty much have a smile plastered on my face 97% of the time. I’m developing recipes, using nutrition as therapy, expanding my skills in the lab, and cementing even more that food can be our best medicine.”

Recipe Roundups

María Cecilia Vélez Londoño‎, Madellin, ANT Colombia

“So surprised with these delicious and healthy raw recipes!”

Recipe Roundups

Today is the day! What’s cooking in your kitchen?

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Cne roundup

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