Culinary Nutrition Roundup 2

As the weeks progress in the culinary nutrition expert program, the recipe assignments become more complex, fun and delicious. In our latest recipe roundup, we shine the spotlight on some of our favourite creations from our students.

In the last few weeks, our students have been exploring using plants in a variety of ways and creating health-ified versions of their favourite comfort foods and snacks. They’ve also played with cultural cuisines and the beauty of raw food.

Recipe Roundup #2

Candra Reynolds, Toronto ON

“Have you ever eaten sweet potato raw? AMAZING! This salad has apples, celery, raw sweet potato and toasted sesame seeds. Here’s the kicker, the little black strands are arame seaweed.Did you know that seaweed is a great source of iodine which helps to keep your thyroid working at its best! I learn something new every day. “

Sweet Potato Arame Salad - recipe roundup

Meg Woodward, Carlsbad CA

“Wow! Raw sweet potato and seaweed never tasted so good. This Sweet Potato Arame Salad from the #cneprogram is powerful and nutrient rich!”

Recipe Roundup

Gemma Digby, Burlington ON

“More #cne fun this week… liquid nutrition! Need a morning boost? Try my Cherry Walnut Power Start smoothie – a perfect blend of fibre, protein and healthy fat. Kid approved.”

Recipe Roundup

Shiru Macharia, Nairobi Kenya

“Kimchi Maki rolls. I never thought I would ever be able to roll up a Maki roll successfully! But thank God I made it and it was pretty easy too!”


Recipe Roundup

Vika Roizen, Aurora ON

“New discovery: Ginger Cashew ‘Cheese’ – completely dairy free and so delicious! Great as a spread on crackers, dip for your veggies and much more!”

Recipe Roundup

Melissa van Delft, San Paulo BR

“More amazing recipes from my #cneprogram ! Sesame-flaxseed crackers and zucchini hummus!! So delicious!! “

Recipe Roundup

Tracy Sivak, Chicago IL

“Another winning recipe from my @culinarynutrition program this week! Creamy zucchini hummus and grain free & gluten free crisps! I can’t wait for my @yeah_yoga peeps to test them out this weekend!”

Recipe Roundup

Sarah Cook, Kitchener ON

“Mmm! I loved making this warming and RAW miso soup! No cooking required, just a few simple ingredients in a blender and voila – delicious green goodness!”

Recipe Roundup


Marilia Pereira, Guelph ON

“A great way to end the week with a healing meal full of vibrant colours, textures and flavours from around the world:Almond Veggie Burger Bundle topped with Spicy Mango Chutney and Sweet & Spicy home-made BBQ sauce, served with Trip to Italy Vegetables! Perfecto!This is what it’s like cooking with #cneprogram and making all this goodness.”

Recipe Roundup

Allie Key, Charlotte NC

“So much delicious goodness with this week’s recipe assignment!”

Recipe Roundup

Today is the day! What’s cooking in your kitchen?


Recipe Roundup 2

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