Culinary Nutrition Roundup: Healthy Baking

Throughout the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program our students do a lot of cooking! Some people think that culinary nutrition means we only sip on green juice and kale salads – but baked goods and treats can also be part of our diets when we use health-supportive ingredients like natural sweeteners and gluten-free flours. Our students explore healthy baking, too – and we are always totally wowed by the results.

In this culinary nutrition roundup, we highlight some of the amazing goodies our students have created and shared.

Culinary Nutrition Roundup: Healthy baking

Christine Spurrier Bullajian, Fairview TX, USA

These coconut apple muffins are AH-mazing! Recipe from the Undiet Cookbook and part of the #cneprogram.

Culinary Nutrition Roundup Muffins


Hui Chii Lau, New South Wales, Australia

These are probably the best neat looking, yummiest, most filling coconut apple muffins that I have ever baked! Enjoying the process into baking this week.. thanks to Meghan for creating such healthy and nutritious muffins!

Culinary Nutrition Roundup Muffins

Krista Arendt, Granger Ind, USA

“These Coconut Apple Lovin muffins are so good! Your friends will never suspect you brought gluten and dairy free muffins to brunch especially if you bring extra coconut frosting!! I am really enjoying studying at the Academy of Culinary Nutrition.”

Kitchen Roundup Muffins

Karen Hix, Palmdale CA, USA

“The BEST part of my culinary school is everyone benefits when I’m creating my recipe assignments 😝 😋 These are definitely going in the muffin breakfast rotation end of the month! These high fiber, gluten-free carrot apple pecan coconut muffins with a hemp chocolate spread made my house smell amazing!”

Kitchen Roundup Muffins

Lea Anne Goods, Kemble ON, Canada

“I can’t even begin to tell you how good this smells. Another amazing recipe from @meghantelpner and @culinarynutrition”

Culinary Nutrition Kitchen Roundup

Shelley Loving, Van Alstyne TX, USA

“It’s still warm but I couldn’t wait to take the pictures! The grain-free almond bread is so delicious!!!”

Kitchen Roundup Grain Free Bread

Jessica Crossan, Brantford ON, Canada

“Recipe assignments are the best!! This #glutenfree almond bread is SOOO good! The girls are loving it! It’s chock full of goodness! It’s savoury but goes really nice with a little sweetness from the hemp chocolate spread that’s also part of this assignment! It’s a tough job being a #cneprogram student, but someone has to do it…😜”

Kitchen Roundup Grain Free Bread

Lacy Johnson, Ogden UT, USA

“Love this week’s assignments and the module Baking and Sweet Treats. One of my favorite foods to whip up in the kitchen are tasty treats. I’ve learned a lot in the module on how to properly mix, add and bake.

Kitchen Roundup Grain Free Bread with Chocolate Hemp Spread

What are you cooking up these days?


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3 responses to “Culinary Nutrition Roundup: Healthy Baking

  1. Jean

    Those dishes all look SO good. I would love the recipe for the split pea wraps!

    1. Academy of Culinary Nutrition

      Hi Jean, thank you for your message! You’ll find the recipe for the Split Pea Wraps on page 103 of the UnDiet Cookbook by Meghan Telpner. Enjoy!

  2. Jody

    Wow! I just stumbled across your site and I’m so glad I did! I am truly overwhelmed with the amazing information you have available and can’t wait to learn in April. There is so much information I want to check out … I need more hours in the day! I can’t thank you enough for being here to support and assist with living a healthy lifestyle … you rock!

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