Culinary Nutrition Roundup 4

We’re entering the home stretch of the Fall 2018 Culinary Nutrition Expert program, and our students are still cooking up a storm and loving it! In the last couple of weeks, students have explored therapeutic foods for healing and sweet treats.

While these two categories of recipes may seem like polar opposites when approached the culinary nutrition way they are both equally nourishing and help to build health. After 11 weeks of recipe assignments, our students are completing the year with recipes that truly nourish from the inside out. In our latest kitchen roundup, we can’t think of a better way to end the year than sharing photos of our students’ healing soups along with their sweet treats.

Kitchen Roundup #4

Lori Moore, Canning NS, Canada

“So much fun creating and tasting. It’s all going by much too fast. I’m going to miss our time together.”

Kitchen roundup 4

Anna Marszalkowska, Toronto ON, Canada

“Truly sweet endings with sparkly ginger chip cookies. Last of the recipe assignments completed for the #cneprogram. It’s been a delightful and inspiring culinary journey through amazing textures and flavours. Thank you @culinarynutrition team!”

Kitchen Roundup 4

Lisa Lio, Toronto ON, Canada

“Ever make something and then instantly regret it because you can’t stop eating it? Yeah, that’s what’s happening with these bad boys. Made a batch of these insane salted chocolate almond butter cups yesterday and have been chipping away at them like every hour…okay maybe not every hour, but still. Covered in chocolate. Send help!”

Kitchen Roundup

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Jennifer Haddad Bell, Playa Del Ray CA, USA

“Um, hello scratch-made real food almond butter cups and ginger cookies. It’s incredible what you can make with real food. They are my new faves!!”

Kitchen Roundup

Heather Carpentier, Coon Rapids MN, USA

“One advantage of being in culinary school is the leftovers I get to enjoy. This is a therapeutic mushroom soup and is great on this snowy Minnesota morning.”

Kitchen Roundup

Rosemary Coelho, Toronto ON, Canada

“Delicious! This definitely nourishes the body on a chilly day.”

Kitchen roundup

Sandy Di Savino, Whitby ON, Canada

“Mushrooms get a bad rap. Sure, they’re fungi, but the good kind. Meghan Telpner makes these mushrooms superstars. This soup hit the spot on this cold, grey day.”

Kitchen Roundup


What are you cooking up these days?


Culinary Nutrition Expert Program Roundup

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