Culinary Nutrition Roundup 4

We’re entering the home stretch of the Fall 2017 Culinary Nutrition Expert program, and our students are still cooking up a storm (and enjoying it). In the last couple of weeks, students have explore therapeutic foods for healing and sweet treats.

While these two categories of recipes may seem like polar opposites, when approached the culinary nutrition way they are both equally nourishing and help to build health. After 11 weeks of recipe assignments, our students are completing the year with recipes that truly nourish from the inside out. In our latest kitchen roundup, we can’t think of a better way to end the year than sharing photos of our students’ healing broths along with their sweet treats.

Kitchen Roundup #4

Laura Jauregui, Annapolis MD

“Gluten, dairy & soy free cookie homework just in time for Christmas cookie swaps and such.”

Kitchen Roundup 4

Lindsay Taylor, Toronto ON

“Well isn’t it sweet that on #NationalCookieDay my baking assignment happens to be these amazing sparkling ginger chocolate chunk cookies. I mean… yum. These are classic chocolate chip meets holiday gingerbread goodness. It’s like a 2-for-1 special.”

Kitchen roundup 4

Candra Reynolds, Toronto ON

“Okay, chia seeds are growing on me. This is the chia seed chocolate pudding that I put in my girl’s lunch today. It has apple sauce, cacao, chia seeds and honey with some water. Although you could also mix it with a great herbal tea, good idea right?”

Kitchen roundup 4

Gemma Digby, Burlington ON

“Chocolate Almond Butter Cups are ridiculously delicious. They are simple to make and the combinations you can create yourself are endless… .”

kitchen roundup 4

Andrea Bradley, Burlington ON

“Who loved jello as a kid?! This weeks #cneprogram assignment was jelly squares aka Jello made with REAL ingredients aka fruit (no yellow #5 here) and NO sugar. My kids were happy to be taste testers and we all got the gut healing benefits of #grassfed gelatin.”

Kitchen roundup 4

Denise Holmes, Chicago ON

“Black Currant Jelly shapes were a big hit!”

Kitchen Roundup 4

Melissa van Delft, San Paulo BR

“This is a delicious creamy mushroom soup I made this week for my @culinarynutrition assignment. Loved every spoon of it! “

Kitchen roundup


Jessica McQuoid, Toronto ON

“Another delicious assignment – a Healing Vegan Cream of Mushrooms Soup. (PS I’m convinced I see a face in the Tamari on top.) I used shiitake, oyster and cremini mushrooms. I’ve become pretty obsessed with the healing benefits of mushrooms and have been drinking reishi tea every night so I was really excited to make this soup. Creaminess is from cashews, bold flavour from miso and awesome colour is from turmeric of course.”

Kitchen roundup

Jennifer Kular, Amsterdam Netherlands

“Transformation: Immune Power Broth – After 10 hours, 14 veg, chicken, roots, and herbs became an inflammatory, immune boosting, energy fueling comforting drink. I’m well stocked, with stock.”

Kitchen roundup

What are you cooking up these days?

CNE Kitchen Roundup #4

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