Episode 2: Do We Really Need to Detox?

Thank you so much for your amazing feedback on our first-ever episode of the Today Is The Day Podcast! We are honoured that the information Meghan and Josh are sharing is resonating with you and we hope that our conversations will continue to inspire you. Our second episode, Do We Really Need to Detox?, is now available on your favourite podcast platforms.

With the range of nutrition protocols available nowadays, it can be confusing to know what to eat for optimal health. Detoxification and detox diets are particularly mind-boggling because they run the gamut from gentle detoxes to extreme cleanses with limited foods and are challenging to follow. Josh and I cut through the detox clutter to help you understand what it means to detox diet and how you can do it safely.

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Covered In This Episode

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The fundamentals of detoxification and why our body is constantly going through the detox process.
  • What is the “body burden” and why we’re at increased risk of storing toxins nowadays
  • Why some people are more sensitive to toxins than others
  • The dishwasher analogy that will help you better understand how your body detoxifies
  • What Meghan and Josh learned from their detox genetics tests
  • How effective juices and smoothies are at helping us detox
  • The five channels of elimination
  • Some helpful pointers for reducing your body burden through “re-toxing”
  • How superfoods help our bodies in the fight against toxins
  • What activated charcoal is actually good for, and what about it you should be wary of
  • The concept of when in doubt, sweat it out
  • Pooping the RIGHT way to help you better detox

Episode Bonus: Everyday Detox Protocol

This episode’s bonus is a printable ‘Everyday Detox’ protocol filled with dietary advice, supplement suggestions and lifestyle tips you can use to get started on your detox journey.

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Additional Resources Mentioned In The Episode

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Josh Gitalis

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Abigail Hopkins

Abigail Hopkins, Founder of That Clean Life

After graduating from the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program in 2014, Abigail immediately launched her online meal planning service, That Clean Life. Since then, she’s helped tens of thousands of people feel amazing through the food they eat. That Clean Life is packed to the brim with delicious recipes and tools that make healthy eating a breeze. If you’re following a popular diet, like vegan, keto, Paleo, AIP, anti-inflammatory and others, Abigail’s got you covered with a tailored menu.

In 2016, she launched That Clean Life Business, which has quickly grown to become an essential business tool (and time saver!) for fellow wellness professionals and Culinary Nutrition Experts. That Clean Life Business allows you to create menu plans for clients using recipe resources designed to help a variety of health conditions. The system is packed with high-quality recipes that are in line with today’s most popular diets, and are easily customizable based on your client needs.

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5 responses to “Episode 2: Do We Really Need to Detox?

  1. Kathlyn Simkins

    Loved this detox podcast. You talked about a cilantro pesto recipe that sounded amazing. Where can I find this.
    Really great information in a motivating format. When you talk about specific ideas and recipes, it makes me want to go try them immediately!

  2. Academy of Culinary Nutrition

    Hi Kathlyn! Thanks for your kind words. You can try this recipe: https://www.meghantelpner.com/blog/renegade-parsley-pesto/. Meghan likes to make this one with cilantro instead, or half cilantro, half parsley works too. There’s also this recipe you can try: https://www.meghantelpner.com/blog/chimichurri-with-parsley-basil-cilantro-and-oregano/

  3. Tracey

    You didn’t mention beetroot!

  4. Lisa

    Such a great episode! You two are so cute together. :) I really like how you guys mentioned the amino acids, often protein gets overlooked in a detox protocol. You guys also mentioned the special offer from Abigail, sorry did I miss that link/offer somewhere?

  5. Academy of Culinary Nutrition

    Thanks for the reminder, Lisa! That Clean Life offers a free trial demo – we’ve linked to it above.

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