How to Eat More Vegetables

Whether you’re vegan, paleo or omnivorous, healthy eating comes down to one thing: Eating more vegetables. But that’s easier said than done, especially if your broccoli and Brussels sprouts tend to languish in the crisper. How can you get more veggies in your diet without being overwhelmed by cooking? Easy peasy — just follow these simple steps.

1. Source your veg. If you tend to wander the produce section unsure of what to buy, consider signing up for a CSA bin or organic vegetable delivery service. This way, you’ll receive a new box of produce regularly, most likely containing some veggies you may not have heard of or used before. (Jerusalem artichoke, anyone?) That means less time making decisions at the grocery store and more time spent eating up that delicious produce!

2. Keep them within snacking distance. Got a million carrots and don’t feel like cooking? Chop them up, put them in front of friends or family members while they’re watching a movie and watch them disappear — especially if you pair them with some yummy hummus.

3. Make lunches for the week. Chop up your vegetables of choice and steam them while making quinoa in another pot and a protein like tempeh or beans in a third. Then toss it all together, add some dried fruit, avocado, some toasted seeds and a dressing of your choice before serving. Or if going freestyle makes you nervous, make this Quinoa Bean + Lentil Salad.

4. Pickle it! Take some inspiration from yesteryear and pickle up that goodness for later enjoyment. Don’t worry — we’ve got a guide for you right here.

5. Wilt your greens. That massive bunch of raw spinach may have you feeling a little overwhelmed, but wilting it gently on low heat with some ghee or olive oil will shrink it down to a manageable quantity.

6. Get blending (or juicing). Don’t fall into a banana + berries rut for your morning smoothie! Many vegetables go great in the blender, such as cucumber, sprouts, greens and celery. Juicing is also a great way to unlock veggie power without turning on the oven.

7. When all else fails, make soup. Nothing hits the spot (and uses up vegetables) like a big pot of veggie soup. If you’ve got a ton of vegetables in your fridge, making a big pot of soup is a fantastic way to use them all up at once. Invent your own soup recipe using carrots, onions and celery as a base, adding beans or lentils for protein and tossing in whatever other veggies are hanging out in your crisper. Or try making Meghan Telpner’s Roasted Carrot Soup to Come Home To.

What are your favourite methods for getting veggies in your diet?

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    I like to shred up veggies like carrots and zucchini, or finely chop broccoli and add to a savory spagetti sauce, or chili dish in order to vegi-fy it. Non-veggie eaters usually can’t tell. It adds more texture and thickens the sauce too. Yum!

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