Episode 23: How Nutrition Deficiencies Happen, Even When You’re Doing Everything ‘Right’

Even if we cultivate regular healthy habits and eat nutrient-dense foods, there may be times in our lives when nutrition deficiencies develop. Just as a single diet or style of eating doesn’t work for everyone on the planet, one diet (or set of habits) may not be optimal for each stage of our lives. Health isn’t a passive process; we often need to recalibrate based on age, life stages, short-term or chronic illnesses, lifestyle habits, or temporary changes that impact our wellbeing.

Today’s topic is a biggie and we don’t believe it’s ever been explained quite like we’re doing in this episode. Josh’s analogies shine bright as we dive into the topic of health and nutrition deficiencies. This one is going to be enlightening!

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Covered In This Episode

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What a nutritional deficiency actually is
  • How we often look at health completely the wrong way
  • The connection between deficiency and disease
  • The language of the body when it comes to nutrition deficiencies – and how it shows us what’s wrong
  • How we can ensure we’re getting enough of what we need
  • Foods versus supplementation, and how you can use both
  • How to optimize nutrient availability
  • Culinary nutrition ideas to amp up the nutrition in your diet

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