Episode 22: How Quitting Sugar Can Transform Your Health (and Maybe Your Life)

As it’s our first episode back after a break, we thought, hey, why ease in gently when we can dive right back in by tackling one of the most addictive substances on the planet – sugar. Quitting sugar can be really hard!

Sugar is a really interesting topic when it comes to nutrition because so often we think we’re eating well by buying organic or shopping at health food stores, but we can still be falling prey to the sweet tooth. Sugar is sugar, so let’s dive in. 

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Covered In This Episode

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The different names for sugar and where it hides
  • The staggering amount of sugar we’re unknowingly consuming each year
  • The impact sugar has on various functions of the body
  • The social implications of sugar and how it creates bonding
  • The association between sugar and cancer risk
  • The shocking impact sugar has on the immune system
  • How to best kick the habit and approach quitting sugar
  • Where artificial sweeteners fit in with this conversation
  • Our favourite sweet recipes that have no added sugar

Additional Resources Mentioned in This Episode

Meghan Telpner

Josh Gitalis

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Featured Culinary Nutrition Expert

Richard Blackwood

Richard Blackwood

Richard Blackwood is a community instigator, cooking-from-scratch enthusiast, and avid plant parent. He currently works for Impact Kitchen as a Restaurant Manager and Community Outreach & Diversity Coordinator.

Richard’s journey with food takes him back to bountiful Sunday dinners with his family. The ones where after you feast you want to take a nap. His first experience in the kitchen was trying to cook his favourite dish, stew peas, which came out super salty – he did not cook off the salted pig tail long enough. His mom always laughs when she tells this story.

After having a life-altering accident, Richard turned to cooking to zone out and find peace. He found joy in cooking off the fly and being more mindful of the food he ate. In 2015 Richard became a Culinary Nutrition Expert and also found his passion for advocating against food inequality within marginalized communities.

Learn More: @rtblackwood 

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4 responses to “Episode 22: How Quitting Sugar Can Transform Your Health (and Maybe Your Life)

  1. kathleen saxon

    I have been so foolish – I would delete your emails – until today. I am amazed at your knowlege. 30 years ago I clued onto the sugar effect, and tried to eliminate sugar from my 11 year old daughter, diet because she was being bullied at school due to her size. It was unbelievable – how sugar is in everything. I read numerous books – Brad J. King – Fat Wars etc. Also went on isogenics. Now that she is an adult – she still has weight problems – I never did have weight problems. I think she has given up.

  2. Academy of Culinary Nutrition

    Thank you for your comments, Kathleen. We’re glad to hear you found this episode helpful! There’s a lot more great topics to come this season – and you can always go back and catch up on episodes that you missed!

  3. Donna

    I’m enjoying catching up on past episodes of the podcast! This one had lots of great info and tips!
    Meghan and Josh mentioned experimenting with continuous glucose monitors and I’ve been interested in doing the same but I think they are by Rx here in Ontario. There are companies that offer an experimentation option from the US as well. I wondered if they were willing to share how they accessed the CGMs?

  4. Academy of Culinary Nutrition

    Hi Donna! Meghan and Josh live in Ontario and they’ve used a product called Freestyle Libre. To our knowledge, you don’t need a prescription for their monitor and it can be ordered online.

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