As a first step we encourage you to take stock of what you have in your kitchen – you don’t need a slew of kitchen tools to cook and eat well. The best tools to cook with at the start are the ones you already have. As you cook, you’ll be able to determine what would be the most useful and what you might need to replace or upgrade from what you currently own. You can also visit the course notes on Page 8 for additional tool suggestions.

Small Kitchen Tools

cooking from scratch tools


  • Knives are essential, but very personal. We encourage you to visit a local kitchen store to see what feels right in your hand.

Measuring Cups

Wide Mouth Funnel

Cutting Board

Nut Milk Bag

Batch Prep Tools and Food Storage

Batch Prep Tools and Food Storage

Glass: Mason Jars

Glass: Weangreen Storage

Glass: Weck Jars

Glass: Bottles

Abeego Wraps

Simply Swell Kitchen Wraps

*Product by Culinary Nutrition Expert

Silicone Freezer Bags

Snack Bags

Silicone Ice Cube Trays

Steel Salad Spinner

cookware and bakeware

Cast Iron: Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

cookware and bakeware

More Information: Cast Iron Care + Cooking Tips

Glass: Pyrex

Special Tools

Special Tools

Onion Goggles

Bench Scraper

Glass Straws

Foldable Straw in Case