Culinary Nutrition Expert Experience Session: Meet our Coaches

Meet a few of our 2020 coaches and learn why they took the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program and how it’s affected their lives, plus they’ll give you expert tips on how to succeed in the program. Get to know ALL of our coaches here.

  • Sondi Bruner: Our Head Program Coach
  • Melissa Torio: a 2016 graduate with incredible fermentation skills who focuses on gut health, and has a reusable food wrap business.
  • Caitlin Iles: a 2012 graduate who helps clients dealing with female hormone balance, digestive healing, and adrenal support through coaching, cooking classes, menu plans and retreats.
  • Theresa Diulius: a 2014 graduate who focuses on helping moms with pre-diabetes learn to plan and prepare delicious meals.
  • Lori Moore: a 2018 graduate who creates weekly recipes for her food blog, teaches cooking classes and develops meal plans for digestive health.