Expert Spotlight: Elizabeth Gorostiza

There’s nothing we love more than checking in with our grads to see how they’re improving their own health, the health of their families and (sometimes) the entire world. Today, we’re chatting with Elizabeth Gorostiza, graduate of the Spring 2014 edition of the Culinary Nutrition Expert program.

What motivated you to take part in the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program?

I had studied nutrition extensively  completed multiple certification courses, however, in none of those programs did they ever teach me how to eat or prepare healthy meals. I found Meghan’s program through a friend and everything came together for me. Not only can I help my clients live a healthier lifestyle and coach them through it, but I can teach them how to prepare simple and delicious meals for their families, a total win-win for everyone.

How did the CNE program change your perspective on health and cooking?

It didn’t change my perspective — it totally transformed it. Meghan taught me that “healthy food” can be both delicious and healing. I learned that every single thing we eat is either working towards our health or against it. Watching my mother struggle with multi life-threatening illness compelled me to find ways in which to help her, as well as my clients.

What has been your best culinary nutrition creation?

I have to say that every recipe I made during the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program was an amazing creation and a great learning experience. It’s hard to pick just one, but if I have to choose, the veggie rice rolls were a big hit and the apple tart was to die for.

What was the most rewarding part of the program for you?

It’s like your children — you can’t pick a favourite! What I loved the most was how structured and well thought out the program was. The assignments were amazingly thought-provoking. The classes with Meghan were so fun and entertaining, not to mention informative. The community and Facebook group is one of the best I have ever been a part of. I loved this program!

How have you been putting what you learned into practice in your life, your business and/or helping someone else?

For one, my meals are not only healthier but they’re also delicious. I’ve also been helping my mother change her diet in order to help support her recovery. As far as my business, I now have the missing link to help teach my clients how they can make delicious, health-supporting recipes.

What has changed in your personal life since you completed (or perhaps since you began) the CNE Program?

Meghan taught me so much in this program, ranging from the correct cookware to use to the right foods to eat to support my health. I’ve learned so much about the environment and how my actions affect it that now I act more consciously. Meghan has a way of simplifying these concepts and making them very doable. She really walks her walk and it helps me live more authentically as well.

Check out Elizabeth’s Culinary Nutrition Expert Profile here!

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