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Your Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program right for you?

Maybe! But maybe not. We have high expectations of our students and as such, we want to ensure not just that we are the right fit for you, but also that you are up for and open to the wonderful opportunities that present themselves through being part of this program (and working your butt off in the process.)

Check out the frequently asked questions below or drop us a line for more information.

  • When does registration close?

    Registration will close approximately 15 days prior to the start date of the program. For Fall 2017, that will be around late August. With that being said, we have a finite number of spots at each level, and we do cap registration when this number is met. This means registration could potentially close in advance of this date.

  • How much time do I need to set aside per week?

    This program is not easy. It does require some serious commitment. We want all of our students to succeed and so all of the assignments and deadlines are presented right at the start of the program to help you manage your schedule.

    We estimate the program requiring 12-16 hours per week. Some weeks may be slightly lighter or heavier than others. It breaks down as follows:

    3-4 hrs / week for video viewing
    4 hrs / week in your own kitchen
    3-4 hrs / week on assignments
    2 hrs / week reading/watching/writing assigned books and documentaries
  • How often is this program being offered?

    Currently, the Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert program is offered once a year, beginning in September and finishing mid-December.

  • What is the cost of the program?

    The one-time payment cost of the Certification program is $2,499. There is an honorary level which is a little less, and two professional levels that are a little higher to offer you the opportunity to choose the right option for your goals. There are also be payment plans available up until July.

  • How long is the program?

    The CNE program is 14-weeks long from the date of our first livestream class until the final assignment due date.

  • Can I do the program at my own pace?

    In short, no. Upon the start date of the program, we release content on a weekly basis. You are given all of the course notes and assignment outlines at the start of the program so you do have the option to work ahead, if you like. We do however encourage you to take the pace that we have outlined to ensure you are giving adequate time and attention to the subject matter. What’s really nice about this approach is that it invite you to be working along with the rest of your class. Each week there will be two assignments due: One will be a cooking/recipe assignment, and the other a written assignment. This could include a meal plan creation, recipe creation, or workshop design.

    If you are really looking at doing this course purely for personal interest and want to skip the assignment/home study component and waive having a program coach assigned to you, you may be interested in the honorary option.

  • Can I access the whole program at once?

    Why rush the good stuff? We release course modules on a weekly basis. Upon commencement of the program, you will receive the full outline of assignments and recipes and have the freedom to work ahead.

  • I’m vegan/paleo/pescatarian/allergic to nuts. Can I still take this program?

    The majority (if not all) of the required recipes in the program are vegan, but can also be modified to be grain-free and/or protein powered. As well, in most cases you also get to choose from a list of recipes to make the ones that best suit your diet and skill level.

    In cases where you’re allergic to an ingredient in one of the recipes, you’ll be encouraged to modify the recipe to meet your needs or, in some cases, to use an alternative recipe. Where possible, we encourage you to follow the recipes as directed even if you’re unfamiliar with some of the ingredients, but we are flexible when it comes to allergies and intolerances. If you have severe dietary restrictions beyond an allergy or two, please contact us in advance of enrolling so we can ensure the program will work for you. The entire program is gluten and processed-dairy free and it is expected that all of your assignments will abide by these principles.

  • Will I be on my own on this, or do I get coaching and feedback from Meghan?

    You will have three main forms of support. The primary support will be by your assigned CNE Program Coach. Our coaches are all graduates of this program and professionals in the field of health and nutrition. They will be your main point of contact. Additionally, you will be far from alone as we have a private Culinary Nutrition Expert Program Facebook group that is incredibly active and wonderfully supportive. Lastly, but certainly not least, we pair you with a CNE buddy who will be your recipe tester, meal plan tryer-outer and likely a friend for life! Additionally, Meghan is very active in the group forum and will also be with you each week for the one-hour live class.

  • What if I can't join all of the live streamed classes?

    The course is offered as if it were in-person, meaning you are expected to show up each week and sign in is required. That being said, we also recognize that we have a global student base and time zones and work obligations don’t always make joining us live possible. That’s okay! We record both the live calls with your CNE Program Coach and the weekly live streamed video calls with Meghan. Each are available for one week after the live event.

    We recommend that each module is viewed prior to the live streams on Thursdays so add it in to your schedule. For example — Monday evenings are for workshops, Thursdays for the live class. We strongly suggest that students set aside the same time every week to ‘attend’ the module and complete the follow-up quiz to allow access to the next module. We also recommend that you do your best to attend the weekly live stream in real-time, as this is an opportunity to ask Meghan questions directly.

    The weekly modules have all been pre-recorded in HD and will be released on a weekly basis during the program. Once they are made available, they will always be available. The live stream will be available for one week until the next class takes place.

    The beauty of the program being online is that it should be quite easy, no matter where in the world you are, to put aside three hours in the week to watch the workshop and live stream classes! If it appears that students do not watch and participate in full, we reserve the right to withhold certification.

  • I really just want to learn how to cook, I’m not interested in using this professionally. Is this program for me?

    You bet! Amazing- cooking is a skill we all should have. We offer the option to take this program for personal interest as an Honorary CNE. If you choose this option, you will not be required to do any of the homework and can self-direct your learning with the help of the video content.

  • I will be away for two weeks during the program. Is this okay? Can I make these classes up?

    It is expected that, if you are going on holidays or have a scheduling conflict, you take the appropriate course of action to ensure all assignments still meet the required deadlines.  In most cases, your CNE Program Coach will not accept late or incomplete assignments. As we give out the course syllabus and all assignments and deadlines in the first week of the program, it makes it very easy to make arrangements to meet the due dates. That being said, we also appreciate that unexpected things to come up in life. It will be your responsibility to connect with your Program Coach and determine the best course of action together.

    We are pretty firm with deadlines. And we don’t do this to be mean. We do this for three main reasons:

    1. We run the classes in a timed way in order for community and connection to form amongst our students which we think is vital to success.
    2. Assignments and classes build upon each other. We do not want to waste our time, or the time of other students answering questions that have been covered in previous course content.
    3. We are training you for a professional environment and often you will be working with people who have challenged health situations. We don’t want this experience to be about getting by or aiming for a certain grade, but about the information. We want to feel confident that you have done the work and have the knowledge to be an effective and successful culinary nutrition expert.
  • Is there an age requirement for the program?

    We appreciate and love that teens are getting into good food and have a passion for sharing a healthy lifestyle.

    Students of all ages are welcome to register in the honorary level of the program with the option to upgrade to the certified level upon turning 18. We do, however welcome students who will be 18 by the time of graduation. For students registering who are not yet 18, please email us directly at In order to process your application, we will first require a letter of confirmation from your parent/guardian.

  • I don’t know the first thing about cooking, is that okay?

    There is some expectation that you at least know the first. You should be familiar with how to steam vegetables, make a pot of rice or quinoa, and do some simple stuff beyond taking something from the freezer and putting it in the microwave. Some general cooking classes at the local high school or community centre could be helpful. But if you are ready to dive in, prepared to learn and potentially spend a little extra time in the kitchen for the extra learning, we see no reason why you won’t be able to handle this.

  • I want to do the program with a friend, can we sign up together?

    You sure can sign up together, at the same time, but you each need to sign up. The CNE program is an individualized program in that each registrant will receive their own access password and account in the program. If you wish to register with a friend, you will each need to purchase the program. The legality around this is available in our Terms and Conditions

  • I would like to offer the Culinary Nutrition Expert program to the staff at my organization -- is this possible?

    That’s awesome! If anyone in your organization would like to take the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program or offer it to your staff as part of their training and/or personal development, each person is required to individually register. That being said, we also have group rate options so please contact us to inquire about group registration rates.

  • What are the payment plan options? Can I suggest my own that works for my budget?

    There is a 5-month payment plan option available until May 13th, a 3-month payment plan option available until July 15th, and a one-time payment option available. We cannot accommodate individual payment plan requests. Payment plans will only be offered for the Certified and Certified Professional levels.

  • I’m really bad with deadlines, with will this be a problem?

    You bet it will be! We have a strict deadline policy on all assignments. This is a professional level program and for this reason, we expect our students to uphold a level of professionalism both in the program and upon completion. We want to ensure that all of our students that carry the Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert title, work effectively in all they do. Late work for clients is not acceptable. And late work for the CNE program means the risk of losing the certification title.

  • I don’t like researching or writing papers, is this part of the program?

    This would also be a potential issue. This is a professional program and as such there is the expectation that you can write a paper, follow written directions, spell check and proofread your own work and hand in all assignments at a calibre that you would be proud of. Sloppy work is not loved by us. If you’re not into assignments, then the honorary program is likely the better fit. That being said, you will still have access to the assignments and can do them at your own pace and you will learn a ton if you are disciplined enough to do this.

  • Can I decide to upgrade to take the business training at a later date?

    Yes you can, up until a certain date without penalty beyond paying the difference in tuition. There will be a deadline for these types of upgrades and will depend on the space available. Following this cut off date, you will have the freedom to register for the Biz Rocking Insider Program separately from the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program.

  • If I sign up for one level, but later wish to upgrade, can I do that?

    You bet!

    If you register, say, for the Honorary level, and before the program begins, decide you would like the Certified Professional level,you would simple have to pay the difference. If you are on a payment plan, we would invoice you for the balance and keep your payment plan as is.

    Once the program starts, it is very difficult to upgrade from honorary to certified as the workload is rather heavy. Honorary students who wish to upgrade would pay the $950 upgrading fee and join the program as a certified student the following term. Certified students that wish to upgrade to a professional level to take part in the business training, can have the option to do so, but it will depend on whether there remains space available.

  • Can I get a refund? What happens if I change my mind after I enroll, don’t like the program or something comes up?

    The Culinary Nutrition Expert program is for serious students only, and we fully believe that if you do the work and practice what you learn, you’ll see enormous gains in your applied culinary nutrition knowledge, your health and your life. With that in mind, we have a very specific refund policy. For more information about our refund policy, please review our Culinary Nutrition Expert Program Terms & Conditions.

    We will not issue refunds under any other circumstances unless set out specifically in the Terms and Conditions, no exceptions. If you aren’t sure whether the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program is right for you, please review the course materials carefully, send us any questions and wait until you’re absolutely, 100% sure, before enrolling.

  • Is this program recognized by provincial/state/national boards?

    This program grants you the certification as a Culinary Nutrition Expert, which enables you to practice as a Culinary Nutrition Expert. There are no government certifying bodies or regulation boards of any kind in Canada or the US that govern nutritionists whether they attended a holistic nutrition school, integrative nutrition school, natural nutrition college or natural chef’s college. There is only regulation on university degree-level dietetics programs. At this time, this program does not fall within the professional guidelines as set by self-run, self-governed professional groups, and Meghan Telpner Inc. has chosen to stop pursuing this avenue as our students’ success after completing this program proved that such associations were unnecessary for professional success and credibility as a Culinary Nutrition Expert.

  • I’ve taken nutrition courses before and didn’t get much out of them. Will this be different?

    Do you want it to be different? As with any education program, you will get out as much as you put it in. Meghan teaches with loads of enthusiasm, passion and knowledge. There is also a high expectation of your own independent learning. We will guide you to great resources and some of our favourite websites, experts, events and books, but success and getting loads out of this program also requires your commitment to making that happen. If you typically don’t enjoy the courses you register for, before registering for this one, please familiarize yourself with our Terms & Conditions..

  • Are Culinary Nutrition Experts eligible for professional liability insurance?

    McFarlan Rowlands Insurance Brokers Inc. is pleased to provide professional liability insurance to graduates of the CNE Program in Canada. If you are outside Canada, please contact your insurance company for guidance. If you’d like to apply or if you have any questions, please contact McFarlan Rowlands Insurance Brokers Inc. directly.