10 Awesome Food Products by Culinary Nutrition Experts

There are a variety of career opportunities available to graduates of the culinary nutrition expert program and as you might imagine, many of our alumni choose to build businesses that focus on developing recipes and sharing the goodies with others. Creating a food product line to sell in stores, at farmers’ markets or online isn’t easy! Aside from multiple rounds of recipe testing to create a winning combination that is flavourful and health-supportive, products created by culinary nutrition experts must meet quality control and food safety guidelines based on the laws in their area. Thankfully, many of our alumni have persevered in order to craft incredible gluten-free, dairy-free and nutritious foods that are wonderful for our health!

Here are some of the amazing food products created by our culinary nutrition expert graduates.

Core + Rind Cashew Cheesy Sauces

Core + Rind Cheesy Sauce

Created By: Candi Tenney + Rita Childers

Location: St. Louis, MO

What Is It?

This line of creamy and dairy free sauces is blended purely with whole ingredients and fits with vegan, Paleo, Whole 30 and Ketogenic diets, so it really is a sauce for everyone! It took Candi and Rita a year to develop the shelf-stable recipe without additives or preservatives using organic and non-gmo ingredients, making it the only one of its kind on the market. And did we mention it’s absolutely delicious?

Learn More: www.coreandrind.com


Best Food Products by CNEs


Created By: Kim Young

Location: Ellicott City, MD

What Is It?

Kim is one of our scholarship recipients with a passion for inspiring young chefs – including her son, who met former President Barack Obama. Her new business, Kifoodie, is a monthly subscription box that includes 2-4 kitchen gadgets and products, a culinary activity (with a healthy twist), a recipe, shopping list, and a mystery bag of 3-5 artisan treats and snacks hand-picked to inspire kids who are learning to cook. What an awesome idea, right?

Learn More:  www.kifoodie.com

Mayernik Kitchen

Top Food Products by CNEs

Created By: Shannon Mulligan-Mayernik

Location: New Jersey

What Is It?

Shannon is a beekeeper, herbalist and gardener who, alongside her husband, creates homemade herbal products from plants they grow or harvest locally. Mayernik Kitchen offers organic tea blends, honey, tinctures and beauty care products that celebrate the beauties of the land and are great for our health!

Learn More: www.mayernikkitchen.com/market

That Clean Life

Created By: Abigail Hopkins

Location: Toronto, ON

What Is It?

Abigail’s online meal planning service, That Clean Life, is packed to the brim with delicious recipes and tools that make healthy eating a breeze. If you’re following a popular diet, like vegan, keto, Paleo, AIP, anti-inflammatory and others, Abigail’s got you covered with a tailored menu. She also offers That Clean Life Business for fellow wellness professionals and culinary nutrition experts.

Learn More: www.thatcleanlife.com

Jules’ Baskets

Created By: Julie McLachlan

Location: Toronto, ON

What Is It?

This healthy gift basket company is thoughtfully curated with nutritious goodies, beauty care and lifestyle products that are designed to support wellness. Gift basket and box options can be catered to specialty diets, new moms, chocolate lovers, tea fanatics and more, as well as customized for special occasions (birthdays, weddings, corporate events, housewarmings) – or just because you want to send a one-of-a-kind gift! We love this approach to gift-giving because it includes products that we’ll actually use and eat.

Learn More: www.julesbaskets.com

Nourish by Rebecca

Created By: Rebecca Price

Location: Scottish Borders, UK

What Is It?

Feeling snacky? Rebecca sells a range of gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free goodies including granolas, raw bites, oat and seed bars and a selection of raw cakes. You can find her products at farmers’ markets and online, and at special events.

Learn More: www.nourishbyrebecca.com

Conscious Crunch Crackers

Best CNE Products

Created By: Chanci Dawn

Location: Courtenay, BC

What Is It?

Conscious Crackers are gluten-free, grain-free and vegan, made with a collection of nuts, seeds and spices. Perfect for dunking in your favourite dips and spreads! You can find four different flavours at farmers’ markets in the Comox Valley, and we hope to see these in wider distribution across the country so you can all get your hands on them.

Learn More: www.facebook.com/consciouscrackers

Simply Swell Kitchen Inc.

Created By: Melissa Torio

Location: Mississauga, ON

What Is It?

These reusable food wraps are a zero-waste alternative to plastic wrap and are made with just three ingredients: 100% cotton, beeswax and coconut oil. They’re easy to use and so pretty, too!

Learn More: www.simplyswellkitchen.com

Erb + Spice

CNE Food Products

Created By: Mykaela Erb

Location: New Hamburg, ON

What Is It?

Erb + Spice is an organic product of granolas and parfaits packed in jars, so you can easily grab one when you’re heading out the door to work, activities, or travel. Mykaela helps make breakfast much easier and delicious.

Learn More: www.erbandspice.com

Keisha Luke Juice Cleanses

Created By: Keisha Luke

Location: Toronto, ON

What Is It?

There’s nothing like a refreshing glass of juice to nourish you and quench your thirst, but sometimes juicing can be a lot of work. Keisha’s juices make it easy for you to incorporate the health benefits of juice into your day – plus, her juice cleanses are made with high-fibre juices, which help to balance your blood sugar levels.

Learn More: www.keishaluke.com/juice-cleanses

Created by Culinary Nutrition Experts

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