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Our intention with Healthy at Home is to impart the importance of this topic, and guide you along in removing the potential causes of chronic illness from your home, one room at a time.

What if all it took to dramatically reduce that chemical load and the risk of disease were some simple switches in our homes? The good news: Cleaning up our home is dramatically easier than cleaning up the diet!

Empower yourself to learn simple and effective ways to make your home a safe and healthy space for you and your family. Remove the cause of potential illness from your home.

Most people don't realize how critical this is.

Healthy at Home is an essential course that will help guide you in navigating your way to cultivating a healthy home, and removing the potential causes of chronic illness.

Did you know...

  • The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ranks indoor air quality as one of the top five environmental risks to public health
  • The EPA estimates that there are 2-5 times more air pollutants indoors than outdoors
  • 90% of the lead dust in our home can be eliminated with one very simple and free change
  • 82,000 chemicals have been approved for use in everyday consumer products
  • Only 2,000 of these chemicals have been tested for human safety

These chemicals are associated with increased risk of:

  • Fertility issues
  • Respiratory distress
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Digestive issues
  • Inflammatory conditions
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Learning disabilities
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Cancer

The Health Of Your Home Affects The Health Of Your Family

We spend more time than ever inside our homes. It is time to start paying attention to what we fill our home with, what we use on a daily basis and how it might be affecting our health long term.


  • The bed you sleep on?
  • The detergents you use?
  • The finishings on your carpets?
  • The materials of your window coverings?
  • The technology in your bedroom?
  • Your blankets and pillows?
  • How you actually use your homes?
There is a lot we can’t change or control when it comes to our health. The health inside our homes, however, is something we can change very easily. And it is vitally important.

We have done the work for you

When we moved into our home, a house built over 100 years ago, and began setting it up, we took a deep dive into one of the most important aspects of health: the toxins that lurk within all of our homes.

This isn’t about moving to a new home, tearing out your drywall, or putting down new floors. No. What we cover are the extremely simple but essential swaps, updates and in many cases, the need to just stop using certain things (I’m looking at you fabric softener and dryer sheets).

Healthy at Home focuses on the little things – small habit changes that make a difference.

About Us

Meghan Telpner is a two-time best-selling, and award-winning author. She is also the founder and director of the Academy of Culinary Nutrition offering an online certification program in culinary nutrition. Meghan was named one of 2016’s top female Canadian entrepreneurs and was profiled on for cultivating a global wellness community.

Josh Gitalis is a clinical nutritionist and functional medicine practitioner. He is the first nutritionist in Canada to be certified by the Institute of Functional Medicine and works with clients to bridge the gap between the best of conventional medicine with evidence-based therapeutic nutrition. Josh runs a private practice based out of Toronto with clients around the world.


Topics Covered Include

  • Indoor versus outdoor toxins
  • Air quality improvement options
  • What certifications to look out for
  • Upholstery choices
  • Carpeting options
  • Air fresheners
  • Optimal sleep habits
  • Window coverings
  • Bed and bedding selection

  • Mould and mildew proof your bathroom
  • What’s in our bathwater + Filter Options
  • Bathing ingredient to avoid
  • Essential kitchen detox practices
  • Counter surface health
  • Choosing pots, pans and utensils
  • Oven cleaning
  • Water and water filtration options
  • Safe and healthy options for getting laundry clean and fresh


The course is 100% online and shared through video based lessons (presentations and demonstrations), room-by-room healthy home checklists, a resource guide, home care recipes and full home tour.

Healthy at Home is a comprehensive course that offers tips and tricks to help guide in your transition and includes:

  • Instant access to full course with registration
  • A full tour of our home 
  • 32 high definition, professionally shot and edited videos 
  • A room-by-room breakdown of what to look out for, along with healthier options
  • Demonstration of 12 non-toxic home-care recipes 
  • Product & brand recommendations to save you time
  • Over 100 curated resources, and references
  • Downloadable checklists to help you ease into the transition
  • Ongoing access to all course materials (min. 12 months)


Start creating a healthier home today

Healthy At Home
Instant access to full course upon registration
A full tour of our home 
Self guided course
32 high-definition, professionally shot and edited videos
A room-by-room breakdown of what to look out for, along with healthier options
Demonstration of 12 non-toxic home care recipes
Product & brand recommendations to save you time
Over 100 curated resources, and references
Downloadable checklists to help ease into the transition
Ongoing unlimited course access ?

We guarantee a minimum of 12 months



How do I access the course?

Upon registering, you’ll receive your purchase confirmation email, as well as an email from me that includes simple instructions on how to login to the course portal. It’s easy and if you have any issues, you can email us and we can walk you through it. You will then have ongoing access to view course material at anytime (for a minimum of 12 months).

Can I do the course at my own pace?

Absolutely! Upon registering, you will have instant access to the full course. We recommend starting with the first module and working your way through, two modules per week so you can incorporate the recommendations into your home.

How long to do I have access to the course?

We guarantee a minimum of 12-months access to the course so you can review at your own pace.

I rent my home, will this still be relevant?

Yes! Most of the recommendations are simple swaps and changes in habits that apply to everyone, no matter where you live.

Do you get into tips for building or renovating?

We do not cover renovations or any structural changes in the Healthy at Home course. Surfaces (paint/counter tops) is as far as we go, leaving it where the walls close. We had to stop somewhere and so we chose to focus on the simple things that matter most for day-to-day living.