We’re so thrilled that you will be joining us for the 2023 Culinary Nutrition Expert Program!

As an honorary student:

  • You receive access to all of the course material as it is released to the Certification students.
  • You will also have access to all of the written and cooking assignments.
  • You will have access to our new community hub, The Clubhouse from April 2023, through to the completion of the program in December 2023 (You will have the option to extend access for a fee)
  • You are NOT required to complete the quizzes.
  • You will NOT have a dedicated program coach or receive feedback on your assignments.

As an honorary CNE you do not need to complete any of the assignments, though it is highly encouraged that you use your own powers of discipline to complete as much as you can – this is where you will really begin to absorb the information and be able to put it into practice.

If you would like to earn your certification and be assigned a program coach, please take a moment and review the Certified levels of the program.

The start date for your program is scheduled for September 14th, 2023.

*Should you select a payment plan, you will make your first payment immediately and be auto-billed every 30 days until final payment is made. It is your responsibility to ensure payments go through. Please refer to the terms and conditions.

Honourary Culinary Nutrition Expert Application