Bonus Episode: How To Make Culinary Nutrition Part of Everyday Eating

Season 2 of the Today Is The Day Podcast is on its way, but to tide you over until then we have a special bonus episode to share a taste of our new course, Everyday Culinary Nutrition. This bite-sized episode of the Today Is The Day Podcast, “Making Culinary Nutrition Part of Your Everyday Life”, is now available on your favourite podcast platforms.

Today is the day we’re giving you quick tips about how to make cooking from scratch very doable –  it’s not as hard as you might think!

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Covered In This Episode

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The little things Meghan and Josh do every day to make cooking from scratch manageable in their busy lives
  • A recent big life decision that is changing the way Meghan and Josh eat
  • The number of recipes you really need in your arsenal
  • The food items Meghan and Josh have completely stopped buying
  • The challenge with grocery shopping that keeps them up at night
  • Meghan and Josh’s roles in the home for cooking and meal prepping
  • How they have refined and streamlined their cooking processes

Everyday Culinary Nutrition

Additional Resources Mentioned In The Episode

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Meghan Telpner

Josh Gitalis

More About Our Everyday Culinary Nutrition Course

From Scratch Cooking

This course takes the overwhelm out of delicious healthy eating. It’s culinary nutrition at its foundation – the basics – where you’ll learn how to make everyday meals and staples that are delicious, quick and easy, and good for us.

You’ll learn how to effortlessly integrate Everyday Culinary Nutrition strategies into your everyday eating and positively impact the health and well-being of your family, reduce your household food and packaging waste, and save money.

Learn more and register here.

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2 responses to “Bonus Episode: How To Make Culinary Nutrition Part of Everyday Eating

  1. Olga

    Where did you purchase the wild blueberries in GTA? Thanks fo this episode!

  2. Academy of Culinary Nutrition

    Hi Olga! When blueberries are in season, check out your local farmers markets. Some grocery stores may have them too in the freezer section. We like to buy berries in bulk when they’re in season and then freeze them.

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