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At the Academy of Culinary Nutrition, we love delicious, health-supportive recipes – but what makes those meals taste even better is knowing they are helping a great cause. For the sixth time, our graduates are donating their amazing recipes in our digital cookbook, From Scratch Cooking 2019 Edition, for charity.

What began as an experiment in 2014 to raise money for charity has now become a yearly tradition that we can’t imagine giving up. It’s an important way for our graduates to share the delicious recipes they developed during their time as a Culinary Nutrition Expert student and to contribute to a much-needed cause.

At the Academy of Culinary Nutrition, we aim to share the fundamental importance of how food and culinary skills can transform our health and the health of the world. When we combine this knowledge with the creativity of our students, that’s when the magic in the kitchen happens. Giving is a big part of the plan.

We have a rare luxury that most people on the planet do not.  We are able to choose the food we use to fuel our cells and our lives. And we want everyone else to have the same choices.

We aim to raise $15,000 for Organics 4 Orphans and we hope you will consider supporting this goal with your purchase of From Scratch Cooking 2019.

More About Organics 4 Orphans

Organics 4 Orphans

We love this amazing organization and are thrilled to be once again contributing to their work of helping local communities grow their own food and become self-sustaining. Organics 4 Orphans focuses on four key areas:

  • Organic Gardening: Using organic growing techniques to grow a variety of food year-round in difficult, dry or barren areas.
  • Nutrition: Selecting local and nutrient-dense crops that will best support health (that’s culinary nutrition!)
  • Natural Medicine: Growing herbal medicine plants that can help protect and address a variety of common health conditions.
  • Income Generation: Teaching farmers to earn an income from their crops in a self-sustaining way.

Organics 4 Orphans works in a variety of communities in East Africa to teach people the skills to grow food in impoverished neighbourhoods, schools, and even in women’s prisons. In 2018 alone, Organics 4 Orphans dug 24,403 garden beds, built 865 keyhole gardens, grew 1,767 medicinal plants, and grew food for 4,000,000 meals. 

Cumulative Impact of From Scratch Cooking

From Scratch Covers

From Scratch Cooking has had an incredible impact around the world. These are some of the amazing results:

  • In 2014, we raised $2,500 for Charity: Water and $4,000for Organics 4 Orphans. These funds trained a community leader, brought wells to three communities and fed over 200 orphans with fresh, organic food.
  • In 2015, we raised $5,000 for Kiva, a lending organization that helps people around the world start their own businesses. The money funded 35 projects that span a variety of countries and industries. Nearly 90% of our loan recipients were women, and more than half were working in the food and agriculture sectors. Many of these loans have already been repaid and we’ve been able to subsequently lend more than $9,800 to borrowers all over the world!
  • We raised an additional $2,500 in 2015 to support the Canadian Red Cross on the ground following the Nepal earthquake.
  • In 2016, we raised $12,400 for Pencils of Promise, a non-profit that helps to build schools in Ghana, Guatemala and Laos. Your contributions have helped Pencils of Promise build schools for those who need them most, as well as fund programs that focus on teacher support, community health and student literacy.
  • In 2017, we chose a national Canadian charity called Community Food Centres Canada, a non-profit that creates welcoming spaces where people come together to grow, cook, share and advocate for good food. We raised $10,500, which went towards food access and food skill programs in local Canadian communities.
  • Following the hurricanes in September 2017 that ravaged the Caribbean, we raised an additional $2,000 for the Canadian Red Cross.
  • In 2018, we raised $12,000 for Organics 4 Orphans.

That’s over $50,00 we’ve raised for charity through tasty recipes.

From Scratch Cooking 2019
The From Scratch Cooking 2019 Edition Cookbook includes:

  • 50 incredible gluten-free and dairy-free recipes
  • Vegan and paleo options
  • Culinary nutrition tips
  • Instant download upon purchase
  • Pay-what-you-can pricing
  • 100% of proceeds go to Organics 4 Orphans. A lot of work and a lot of love has gone into the creation of every single recipe.

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