Meet 5 Awesome Culinary Nutrition Experts

One of the best parts about the culinary nutrition expert program is witnessing how our grads decide to share their knowledge with the world. Our culinary nutrition experts have launched a variety of businesses to help others nourish themselves and support health through good food. They’ve started home chef companies, written successful blogs, hosted retreats, worked with natural food brands, created custom menu plans for clients, and so much more.

Today, we’re highlighting five incredible culinary nutrition expert program graduates and how they are changing our world.

 Diana Carles

Location: Glasgow, UK

Class of: 2015

Why She’s Awesome: Diana is an incredible champion for helping clients nourish themselves from the inside out. She focuses on how we can use food to improve digestion, balance hormones and banish cravings – all of which can lead to radiant, glowing skin on the outside. And, as an aside, she has a stunning Instagram feed!

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Name: Candi Tenney + Rita Childers

Location: St. Louis, MO

Class of: 2014 & 2015

Why They’re Awesome: Candi + Rita hit the ground running after graduating from the culinary nutrition expert program with their food-based business that sells cold-pressed juices, nut milks, salad dressings and other vegan treats. They’ve been selling their wares at local farmers markets, and we were thrilled to see them get the recognition they deserve in a city food magazine.

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awesome culinary nutrition expertsName: Kirby Zylstra

Location: Woodstock, ON

Class of: 2014

Why She’s Awesome: We were so proud when she was recently offered a regular cooking show at her local TV station! Kirby’s Kitchen features a ton of nutritious, culinary nutrition recipes, along with Kirby’s amazing attitude. As a mom of four kids, Kirby also has a lot of great advice to help families get a nutritious dinner on the table.

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awesome culinary nutrition expertsName:
 Stephanie Long

Location: Edmonton, AB

Class of: 2015

Why She’s Awesome: We love when the members of our tribe begin to foster and nourish their own communities. Stephanie recently opened a collaborative workshop space called The Health Collective YEG in Edmonton that offers nutrition + health workshops and seminars. We have a feeling this is going to be an Edmonton hot spot!

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meet awesome expertsName:
 Abigail Hopkins

Location: Toronto, ON

Class of: 2014

Why She’s Awesome: Abigail’s online meal planning service, That Clean Life, is packed to the brim with delicious recipes and tools that make healthy eating a breeze. Her service is growing too – she recently launched That Clean Life Business for fellow wellness professionals. Abigail is working her tail off and the big guns are noticing – including Vogue Magazine! She recently rocked an interview in Vogue about non-dairy milks.

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