Meet 5 Awesome Culinary Nutrition Experts

One of the best parts about the Culinary Nutrition Expert program is witnessing how our grads decide to share their knowledge with the world. Our Culinary Nutrition Experts have launched a variety of businesses to help others nourish themselves and support health through good food. They’ve started home chef companies, written successful blogs, hosted retreats, worked with natural food brands, created custom menu plans for clients, and so much more.

Today, we’re highlighting five incredible Culinary Nutrition Expert program graduates and how they are changing our world.

Meet 5 Awesome Culinary Nutrition Experts


Name: Kim Young

Location: Ellicott City, MD

Class of: 2014

Why She’s Awesome: Kim is one of our scholarship recipients with a passion for inspiring young chefs – including her son, who met former President Barack Obama. She recently launched a new business, Kifoodie, a monthly subscription box that includes 2-4 kitchen gadgets and products, a culinary activity (with a healthy twist), a recipe, shopping list, and a mystery bag of 3-5 artisan treats and snacks hand-picked to inspire kids who are learning to cook. What an awesome idea!

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Name: Tanya Smith

Location: Toronto

Class of: 2013

Why She’s Awesome: Tanya practices acupuncture and Chinese medicine and specializes in working with women and couples who are pregnant or trying to get pregnant. Her kind, supportive nature, her warmth, her keen mind and her seemingly endless supply of compassion are just one of the many reasons why her clients adore her. We were also lucky enough to have her on the team for two years as one of our awesome CNE program coaches.

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Name: Emily Roach

Location: Boston, MA

Class of: 2016

Why She’s Awesome: Emily’s gumption and spirit compelled her to hit the ground running as soon as she completed the culinary nutrition expert program. Her heath coaching packages are designed to help women boost their vitality through one-to-one consulting, workshops and public speaking.

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Name: Mike Murdoch

Location: Mississauga, ON

Class of: 2016

Why He’s Awesome: Mike is a skilled chef, recipe developer and yoga teacher who’s organized local workshops and mindful eating retreats. The ACN team was blessed to have him visit our kitchen in Fall 2016 to guide us through the most amazing yoga flow, so we know firsthand how incredible he is.

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Cindy Santa AnaName: Cindy Santa Ana

Location: Washington, DC

Class of: 2016

Why She’s Awesome: After graduation, Cindy was immediately hired by Dr. Daniel Amen, a renowned brain doctor, to deliver cooking workshops and consultations. She’s also just begun her second book, was asked to write a weekly column in a local publication, and was profiled in an article about her weight loss journey.

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